Bro-Tox: More Men Get Botox

Man’s Latest Fall Back Weapon Against The Lines Of Age!

Botox treatments for men have dramatically risen over the last few years. With a market replete with glossy magazines, expensive advertising and celebrity images, it is no surprise that the demand for aesthetic treatments is on the up!

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons last year more than 300,000 men received Botox, which is a 10% increase from 2010. Botox injections are the most commonly performed nonsurgical cosmetic procedure all over the world. And now men are getting on the Botox bandwagon. The reasons men do it range from the usual innocent vanity to hopes of looking better will deliver a professional edge. There is a competition in our society for looks; better looking men get paid more……. they get prettier girls.
The most common areas of concern for men are the wrinkles between their eyes (no. 11 sign), smile lines (crows feet) and on their forehead (transverse worry lines). These wrinkles are the result of repetitive use of the upper facial muscles (frowning, smiling, raising eyebrows, quizzical expressions). The repeated muscle movements lead to dynamic wrinkles and Botox is an excellent choice for ironing out these dynamic wrinkles.  
Botox is a protein that paralyses muscles it cannot eliminate creases or etched in lines in the skin from many years of repeated movement. This is why its wiser to start Botox injections sooner, rather than later. Botox works by weakening the muscles, therefore improving facial expression lines. Onset usually occurs 3 to 12 days after injection, and usually lasts somewhere between 3-6 months. Thus, repeat injections are required to maintain the effects. The most common side effects but unlikely is redness and minor swelling at the injection site.

Getting botox is a way to soften your looks and erase years, to succeed at work or with the opposite sex. And it's not just the trendy and stereotypical guys that show up for some primping anymore. A lot of times they're men you wouldn't necessarily see coming into a dermatologist’s office. It's the average joes getting some extra pampering and realizing that taking care of yourself isn't just for the ladies.


  1. Are men afraid of looking old? That is possible for some, which may be why some are starting to consider Botox. Indeed, Botox is a procedure anyone can get as long as you do not have allergic reactions with the solution. Some men do it to make their facial features more pleasant. By the way,“Brotox” is such a clever term to describe Botox for men!

    Jacinto Hukle

    1. You’re right on point, Jacinto. Botox can be used to any person who wants to look young and attractive and remove those unnecessary facial lines that makes him look old. However, you should ask your surgeon first, or consult him/her to see whether you have any allergic reactions to Botulinum. In case you have, your surgeon can give you a different type of treatment or procedure that would be safer for your health.

      Geoffrey Lelia

  2. Irrespective of gender everyone wants to look young and fresh. Botox has great track record for delivering impressive results with minimal to nil side effects. There are almost no reported allergic reactions to Botox. Some people develop immunity to one kind of Botulinum toxin & they might have to try another kind in repeated sessions to get desired results. Botox in expert hands delivers natural results & Brotox is indeed smart a term guys can relate to.