Vampire Face Lift

Vampire Face Lift is a new cosmetic procedure gaining a lot of popularity in the aesthetic circles. This procedure is designed to use a patient's own blood to rejuvenate his/her skin, muscles and SMAS. This procedure adds volume and rejuvenates the skin using different growth factors, bio stimulants and modulators found in and signaled by the patient’s own blood. It is an all natural procedure as, patient’s own blood is incorporated to rejuvenate and lift his/her face. There are no chances of allergic reactions or fear of foreign body interactions in response to these injections.

What happens during a Vampire Face Lift?

First a patient's blood is drawn, typically from the arm. Then the blood draw is put into a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the platelets in the plasma. The red blood cells are discarded at the end of the centrifugation process and the plasma and platelets are saved. The golden liquid is loaded into syringes and used to inject into the facial tissues in different planes.

How does Vampire Face Lift work?

The beauty of the Vampire Lift is we're taking your own blood product - the platelets rich plasma- that when injected back into the face, creates a growth factor system that pulls in all these other cells to help rejuvenate the face.
PRP has been used for many years, but is just now finding it's rightful place as a free standing procedure. It's been used by orthopedists to stimulate bone growth and plastic surgeons have used it in the past to improve healing following surgeries like facelift and breast augmentation. The Vampire Facelift makes use of PRP as an injection underneath the skin to help stimulate the rejuvenation properties of the skin. Platelets have growth factors and stem cells that are concentrated and these growth factors stimulate new collagen formation, new blood cell formation and new elastin formation, as well as other processes that we don't quite understand yet.

What to expect after Vampire Face Lift?

It is a quick, simple and easy way to rejuvenate the face area. It makes your look more rested, there is no cutting or surgery and it can be done within an hour. Patients are really enjoying the results. Not only are wrinkles reduced but their skin is more vibrant and youthful looking. It can be used in thin tissue, such as that around the eyes and healing is fast, much quicker than with the more dramatic traditional facelift.

Patients can expect some mild swelling and bruising for around 3-4 days, so while a patient is certainly healthy enough to return to work, they may want to avoid social situations. Final results can be seen in about 4-6 weeks, and results should last around a year, but that it's a little early in the procedure's infancy to say precisely how long they'll last. Dr. Sherman goes on to say, "We also do not know how many injections are necessary to reach the optimal results. We do know that some patients respond better than others and consequently, patients may need 2-5 treatments, once a month or every 6 weeks to build up the optimal effect of the rejuvenation properties."
Anyone who is on blood thinners would not be a candidate for this procedure.


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