Treatment rationale and options for the aging face

Lets divide aging process into 3 major time-zones.

20-30’s What are the first signs of aging? Loss of freshness and turgidity of the skin. Loss of skin collagen & elastin and appearance of fine lines and deepening of expression lines.

30-40’s Aging shows a 3-D effects along with collagen and elastin loss the gravity pull shows muscle and fat drooping the lacrimal groves, nasolabial furrows and marionette lines go deeper. Face looks tired and pulled down.

40-50’s The 3-D aging process goes more aggressive as we age our bone mass lessens. Our fat & subaponeurotic facsia loosens and our muscles loose tone and sag too. Skin becomes progressively thin and wrinkles heavily.

Based on the brief overview of the facial ageing process, a treatment plan should be suggested in order to target specific anatomic structures.

Cosmoceuticals: They are the starting point for undertaking an antiaging regimen and vital for maintenance of any procedures done. The most important ingredients to look for in cosmoceuticals are: vitamin C, vitamin A, Green tea extract, and Peptides. A good moisturizer and sunscreen completes the regimen.

Injectables: Mesotherapy with multi-vitamins and antioxidants coupled with hyaluronic acid helps nicely in regaining the turgidity and glow to a tired face. Cross-linked hyaluronic acids and calcium hydroxyapetite injectables aid in nicely plumping the deeper furrows and giving some volume to facial contours. Fat is even better for volumizing and rejuvenating the face, décolleté and hands. PRP and stem cell treatment are recent advances in injectables; which help in 3-D restoration of aging face or hands. Combination series of deep and superficial injections help restore all damaged layers from bone to dermis. Results are more natural and long lasting. A touch of botox works magic on the expression associated wrinkles.

Lasers: There is a plethora of devices available in the market, which claim to return the damage done by time and age. Deep infra red lasers, radio frequency and focused ultrasound devices have shown very promising results. Fractional laser CO2 in particular has shown excellent results in expert hands.  Lasers work mainly by stimulating production of collagen and elastin tissue in the dermis.

Surgical options: From blepharoplasty to a full face lift there are so many options. Idea is to look natural and not get carried away. Opt for natural results.

It should be stressed that a thorough analysis of the ageing face is mandatory for planning appropriate treatment, monitoring, achieving optimal outcome, and furthering the knowledge.


Tummy Fat Bad News!!!

Not only does extra weight around the middle increase a woman's risk of heart disease and diabetes, new research suggests it also ups a woman's risk of developing osteoporosis.
In a study of 50 premenopausal women of various sizes, Harvard researchers found that women who had more fat around the abdomen were more likely to have lower bone mineral density, which can eventually lead to osteoporosis.
"All fat isn't the same. Tummy fat has a damaging effect on bone health," said the study's lead author.
As many as 10 million Americans, most of them women, have osteoporosis, according to the U.S. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS). Another 34 million Americans have low bone mass, putting them at risk of developing osteoporosis, reports NIAMS.
Risk factors for osteoporosis include a deficiency in estrogen, a diet lacking in calcium and vitamin D, eating disorders, certain medications, a sedentary lifestyle, drinking too much alcohol and smoking, according to NIAMS.
Extra weight was previously believed to somewhat protect against bone loss has been proven to be a mere myth.
The average body mass index (BMI) of the women recruited for the study was about 30, with scores ranging from 19 to 46. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal, while a BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight. A BMI of 30 or more is considered obese, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
All of the women underwent a special imaging technique called MRI spectroscopy that allowed the researchers to accurately measure fat deposits, including fat found in the bone marrow.
Women who had more visceral fat, meaning fat around the mid-section, were more likely to have a lower bone mineral density. In addition, an association between visceral fat and the levels of bone marrow fat was noted.
Visceral fat is deep belly fat, and it's been found to be bad for heart disease and diabetes. This type of fat releases fatty acids into the liver, and it also releases other substances and hormones that have an effect on the heart and the pancreas, and also probably on bones. But, currently we don't know exactly what it is in visceral fat that causes problems.
As for the increase in bone marrow fat, a lot of bone marrow fat makes the bone weak.
This study is more bad news for obesity. The one good thing we thought obesity might do -- protect the bones -- isn't true. 
Being a healthy weight and trying to control visceral obesity is becoming important from so many different angles. You need to make lifestyle changes that focus on overall health and wellness, and exercise is very important for helping prevent osteoporosis and other illnesses. If you haven't been moving, just try to get out and go for a walk. Ideally, you'll work up to regular exercise, but get out and get some exercise.
Researchers are currently studying fat distribution and bone mineral density in men to see if the patterns hold true for both sexes.


New Green Solution!!!

Environment friendly line of paint products ideally suitable for the Middle Eastern countries.

What is COOLDRY?
• It is an Exterior Thermal Insulation Paint (made in Germany) which contains pure acrylic emulsion with high-tech heat reflective components.
How does COOLDRY work?
• COOLDRY reflects up to 90% of solar energy (heat, light, UV-light)
• significant reduction of roof temperature (up to 40 °C)
• your building stays considerably cooler insideWhat is your benefit?
• Significant savings on air conditioning (up to 50%)• more comfortable temperature = improved work efficiency and safety
• less air conditioning power required = longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs
• long-lasting protection against: bitumen-membrane cracking, UV light gradation, rainwater• enhancement, extended usability and value-protection of your building
• easy and low-cost application
COOLDRY is an excellent product that saves money, reduces room temperature and protects your roof and exteriors. The product is beneficial and useful for numerous uses:
• Water tanks and reservations: Dramatically Cool the water from your taps and showers .
• Factories: Cool the Roofs and Dramatically reduce the heat inside
• Buildings: Reduce your electricity bills
• Homes & Portable Housing: Keep cool inside your homes
• Malls: Reduce your electricity bills
• Warehouses & Hangers: Reduce your electricity bills and save your products from being damages
• Airports: Cool the facilities and and Go Green and save on electricity bills
• Oil tanks: Protect from evaporation and damage, keep the tanks cool and protect from fire risks and environmental damage.

This product is certified by (ASTM) American Standard Testing Method ASTM E 1585-93 & ASTM E 1980-01, ISO9774-2008 and ISO470-2002 Certificates & (SASO) Saudi Arabian Standard Organization.


Eyes are windows to our soul(age)

New Technologies for Non-Surgical Face and Eye Rejuvenation

Most people are afraid to go under knife to restore the signs of aging and hence, non surgical procedures are getting more in demand.
The biggest recent advance in cosmetic eyelid treatments includes the deep fractional lasers. Lax skin around the eye is not easy to treat but with “dual depth resurfacing”, using “a combination of deep fractional ablation and superficial fractional ablation lines can be smoothened out and skin tightened in a matter of minutes with very little down time recovering. In many cases, a patient can look like they had a blepharoplasty without surgery.  It treats problems in skin layers affected by photoaging- the mid to deep dermis and the superficial dermis at the same time. Patients can combine dual-depth resurfacing with botox and filler for synergistic enhancements.