Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa

Recently I was introduced to Braun’s latest innovation the “Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa”, which offers self grooming skincare experience based on the spa philosophy of “Remove and Restore”. Promising to be the most efficient wet and dry epilation system in the market; which removes unwanted hair whilst its refining brush exfoliates and restores the skin’s natural radiance, SkinSpa sure sounds like the answer to any fair maiden’s self grooming needs. In the spirit of “taking the bull by the horns” I took the SkinSpa for a couple of test-drives and here’s my personal review of the product and the services it renders.

First Impression: Opening my brand new SkinSpa package I was excited as well as skeptical. The first thought that came to my mind was how many skincare services are going to covered in the menu of this smart-self-grooming-device. Going through the contents of the SkinSpa box I was more than thrilled to find out that it is a truly multi-purpose-wonder-gadget rather than being a usual one-service-&-thank-you-device.

SkinSpa Skincare Menu: Let’s briefly take a look at some of the skincare services neatly converged into the SkinSpa package:

  • Epilation: Pulling hair directly from the roots gives you an epilation experience that is long lasting and satisfactory. I personally enjoyed 4 weeks of silky smooth no-hair skin. (Hair re-growth varies from person to person averaging: 4-6 weeks).
  • Shaving: Removes the shortest hair stubble impossible to remove by waxing or plucking, leaving your skin with the most clean and smooth feel possible.
  • Trimming: For those who don’t want to remove all hair, especially around the sensitive areas “the trim” choice is available along with pluck or shave.
  • Sonic Bristle Massage: Gentle massage with the sonic brush helps improve skin circulation and also eliminates toxins trapped in skin.
  • Product Uptake Enhancement: Creams and lotions applied to the skin after treating it with the sonic brush are absorbed more readily because of the improved circulation and lack of dead skin retarding product absorption.
  • Exfoliation: All girls are going to say “Thank You Braun!!” for the addition of this great new feature!!! Bye bye dry rough skin and hello silky smooth contours. Exfoliation is a magical word that caters to so many skin needs. Proper exfoliation can help you unlock the realm of perfectly smooth skin and complexion in as little as 6-8 weeks.
Exfoliation Under The DermaScope: Let look at the benefits of exfoliation:

o   Relieves rough dry skin by removing the upper layer of dead skin.
o   Relieves ingrown hair: It’s important to exfoliate regularly to keep skin smooth, glowing and healthy, and to also help prevent ingrown hairs. 
Braun InGrown Hair Relief Tip: If you suffer from ingrown hair, exfoliate two to three times a week with the Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa and apply tea tree oil, which has antibactierial properties, to prevent infection and reduce inflammation.
o   Relieves keratosis pilaris (small dark pin-tag like growths on upper arm)
o   Removes black heads and white heads when used on the face, chest and upper back.
o   Helps removes dark uneven colored patches and improves complexion
o   Makes skin look more clear and radiant
o   Enhances product (creams & lotions) absorption

Now that we have acquainted ourselves to the SkinSpa's services menu it’s time to dig deeper and find out more about the technology.

Braun SkinSpa Epilator – Wet and Dry Epilator
  • Skin Spa epilator head epilator consists of 40 uniquely placed Close-Grip tweezers and removes the shortest hairs that wax can’t remove (upto 0.5mm), and can be used wet or dry.
Hair is removed at the root, resulting in hair-free skin up to 4 weeks
For maximum benefit: Use epilator head a few days after exfoliation to ensure skin has time to recover from exfoliation and all in-grown hair have surfaced.

Exfoliation Brush –Sonic Technology
  • Operates at over 3,000 micro-vibrations per minute to remove dead skin cells and refine and improve the skin’s appearance, revealing younger looking skin that glows with natural vitality.
SkinSpa’s exfoliation attachment gives four times better results than a manual exfoliation scrub alone. By reinvigorating your circulation and stimulating dull, lifeless skin, you’ll emerge feeling smooth, conditioned and thoroughly pampered.

Comparing Braun SkinSpa To Other Hair Removal Methods: Waxing & Shaving:
  • SkinSpa usage is easy, quick and non messy compared to waxing. It can be used whenever and wherever without any planning and mess. Wet and dry mode makes it more flexible than any other device.
  • It plucks out shortest hair upto 0.5mm, which can’t be removed by waxing. The shaving/epilation combined feature leaves you much more smooth results compared to waxing.
  • Epilation leaves you hair free for weeks compared to the shaving.
  • No razor cuts and no risk of folliculitis and infections that usually ensue shaving.
  • The regular use of SkinSpa’s brush exfoliation feature prevents ingrown hair a problem commonly associated with waxing and shaving.
Conclusion: Braun Silk-épil SkinSpa marks a true revolution in epilation technologies providing women with an entirely new skincare regimen – epilation and exfoliation combined in one device.

Personally having tried and tested SkinSpa I concur it delivers results comparable to a salon professional treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom or bedroom. SkinSpa in my opinion is much more than an epilator! Ladies brace yourself Braun Silk Epil Skin Spa is the ultimate muti-tasking personal-grooming must-have device that every skin savvy girl needs in her grooming closet.

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