Probiotic The New Heroes In Skincare

probiotics help in acne, rosacea and eczema
Probiotics are the naturally occurring “good” bacteria that live in our gut and play a significant role in our total wellness.

Intestinal tract of a healthy person hosts over 100 trillion friendly bacteria (that’s 10 times more than the number of cells in our body), which spend their days aiding digestion, boosting the immune system, and consuming bad bacteria. They manufacture key nutrients and limit the growth of yeast and unhealthy bacteria — and, in their spare time, probiotics help inhibit bouts of lactose intolerance, poor digestion, and diarrhea.

Oral Probiotics
Sold as daily supplements containing Lactobacilli and/or Bifidobacterium or in yogurts containing live cultures, probiotics have shown to influence skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema by affecting what is known as the “gut-brain-skin axis.” According to this theory, stress alone or in combination with processed comfort foods that lack fiber can slow digestion. This in turn changes the type and number of bacteria that live in the gut to unhealthy bacteria. Eventually the gut lining becomes leaky and toxins are released into the bloodstream causing inflammation throughout the body. People who are predisposed to acne or rosacea can experience flares as a result of this shift in gut bacteria and subsequent inflammation.

To counteract flares of acne or rosacea associated with the “gut-brain-skin axis,” doctors advise patients to find ways to help manage or cope with stress, fix their diet or introduce healthy bacteria to the gut in the form of probiotics. The probiotics line the gut and create a healthy, sealed barrier that prevents inflammation that can trigger acne or rosacea.

Scientific Evidence
A few studies have shown a correlation between oral probiotic use and improvement in acne and eczema.
  • ·      A recent Korean study of 56 acne patients found that drinking a Lactobacillus-fermented dairy beverage effectively reduced their total acne lesion count and decreased oil production over 12 weeks.
  • ·      In an Italian study, half of patients were administered an oral probiotic supplement in addition to their standard acne and rosacea treatment. The other half of patients did not receive the probiotic supplement. The probiotic group experienced better clearing of acne and rosacea symptoms.

  • ·      Finnish researchers looked at pregnant women who took probiotic supplements (containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG) for two to four weeks before giving birth, and also after delivery if they were breast-feeding, or added the bacteria to infant formula for at least six months. They found the probiotics reduced the odds of eczema in babies who had strong family histories of the itchy skin condition until at least age 2, and possibly longer.
  • ·      Another recent study showed that infants who developed eczema before they turned 1 had a less diverse collection of gut bacteria when they were 7 days old than infants without eczema, suggesting a link between gut bacteria early in life and the development of the skin condition.

Let’s Bottle Up The Good Stuff As Skincare
Currently, some cosmeceutical manufacturers have started using probiotics in their products based on this early research – including probiotic masks, creams or cleansers. Different ways that topical probiotics can benefit the skin Include:

  • ·      Protective Shield
  • In patients with acne and rosacea, living microorganisms on the skin are recognized as foreign by the body’s immune system. The immune system springs into action to counter this potential threat resulting in the inflammation, redness, or bumps common in these skin conditions. Probiotics applied topically sit on the skin’s surface and prevent the skin cells from seeing the bad bacteria and parasites that can cause this immune system response. This is known as “bacterial interference,” as probiotics protect the skin and interfere with the ability of bad bugs (or bacteria and parasites) to provoke an immune reaction.

  • ·      Antimicrobial Properties
  • Sometimes the substances produced by probiotics have antimicrobial properties, meaning they can create holes in bad bacteria and kill them. Similar to the way antibiotics work in the treatment of acne and rosacea, probiotics can help fight harmful bugs from triggering inflammation.
  • Researchers now are testing probiotics to determine which ones make the substances that can kill bad bacteria. Soon strains could be identified in the very near future and will then be marketed in products for their antimicrobial properties.
  • ·      Calming Effect
  • When certain types of probiotics are placed in contact with skin cells, they calm the parts of the cells that may want to react to the presence of bad bacteria that they see as a threat. These healthy signals produced by the probiotics stop the skin cells from sending “attack” messages to the immune system that result in flares of acne or rosacea.
  • ·      Antiaging
  • The use of probiotics to protect skin from the effects of aging is an exciting new area that shows early promise, but needs more research. Preliminary work has shown there's some evidence that probiotics may help to build collagen, the main protein in skin that affects its texture and tone. Increased numbers of good bacteria may also help to hydrate aging skin, reduce sun damage and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Market Report
The incorporation of probiotics into cosmetics and skin care products provides a distinct yet perpetual marketing appeal enhancing brand differentiation. It’s no wonder than that major cosmaceutical brands are incorporating probiotics in their skincare lines.

Clinique Medical in collaboration with Allergan (the makers of BOTOX) has launched a probiotic-infused skin care. Their probiotic skin care regimen includes a pre- and post-operational kit with cleansers and creams, and redness solution makeup SPF15. The product line doesn’t contain live bacteria but instead promotes the growth of skin’s own helpful bacteria to prevent infection following chemical peels and laser treatments.

Many other major brands Like Garnier, Dr. Ohhira, Aurelia, Align, Culturelle, L’Occitaine, Murad, Sonya Dakar, Lierac, Bliss, Mama Mio, Beauty Cycle and Éminence have also launched their products with probiotic claims.

The early reviews on the effectiveness of these products are quiet positive, with time and more research we would get a more detailed and clearer picture.


Beach Bunny Perfect Body — First Stop Dermatologist’s office

#Cellulite #LaserHairRemoval #LaserLiposuction #BeachPerfectBody
Verano, ice cream parlors, and beach — Yup it’s that time of the year again when outdoors pilgrimage savoring the sizzling sun clad in the skimpiest of attires and sunscreen becomes in vogue and mandatory. Anyone who thinks that just showing up on the beach looking like an Amazonian goddess comes easy does not understand the complexities of female anatomy, while those of us who keep a keen eye on the makings of iconic beach editorials know that it takes an aesthetic village and then some to transform a lassie next door into a swimsuit celestial diva. Hairy limbs, uneven complexion, cellulite, and anatomically cruel fat deposits are some of the basic hurdles that an average Jane needs to overcome before freedom and beauty can be whole heartedly celebrated.

Strict diet, and rigorous exercise can get you half way there, but to get that final self-check on the proverbial beach bunny trophy gal bod, you’ll need a ‘lil extra help from your fairy godmother or her real life replacement — your dermatologist of course.

Short Cut to A Saucy Summer Bod

Aesthetic medicine has a host of new procedures tried, tested and readily available that can whip any ordinary body into the envy of the beach bunnies in a short time in a way no number of sessions with any personal trainer or dietician ever could. Let me give you an express insider sneak peak at what technologies are on hand to make you perfectly comfortable in your skin sans clothing.

Laser Hair Removal: Furry calves are a strict no-no for skirting above the knee — summer, spring or for that matter any other season ladies. Popular fuzz taming choices, shaving and waxing are too much hassle too little reward (Yawn). Braun SkinSpa is a valid easy on the go self-grooming option, but a beach smart gal knows that a laser-ed off body gives you the epitome of freedom 24/7 all year round. And come on — the prospect of never, ever shaving your armpits again? Tell me you're not smiling.

Cellulite Technologies: In our high tech fight against the scourge of bikini season — body shapers, cellulite creams and wraps are so passé. If you are seeking real help to smooth out the unsightly lumps and bumps of cellulite — radiofrequency, laser, and ultrasound devices are your cutting edge skin savers that deliver smooth results consistently. These technologies can blast fat, tighten skin and improve circulation in a single sweep. Yes you can confidently say adieu cottage cheese and hello smooth taut limbs.

Lipo-Sculpturing: There are no ifs, ands or buts about it — nothing works like RF or Laser liposuction to iron out banana rolls, saddlebags, muffin tops and embarrassing fat bulges in a short span of time. Post lipo you might be red, blue and swollen for a couple of days, but the reward of a well-sculptured body comes guaranteed with these advanced lipo-sculpturing treatments. The procedure is very safe when performed under local tumescent anesthesia and you get to go home few hours later all corseted, trimmed and svelte with Barbie-doll limbs & synched waist.

Skin Rejuvenation: Thanks to the breakthrough innovations in antiaging technologies we have amazing tools at our disposal to give skin an instant travel-back-in-time youthful spin. Fraxel Dual and Scarlet RF skin treatments are my preferred choices for giving tired looking skin a quick jolt of youth. These technologies deliver quick results by transferring heat into the deep layers of skin to stimulate the production of new collagen in as little as one or two sittings. We can use them on face, neck, chest, arms and shoulders to even out skin tone and get that instant glow of youth from within.

And finally my beautiful beach bunnies don't forget — the main way to keep your skin healthy all year round isn't about what you do to it, it's about what you don't do: Don't smoke, don't skimp on sleep, don't dehydrate yourself out in the sun, and don't skip the sunscreen. Now get out there, be beautiful and make a splash.


Summer, Sun & Skincare Etiquette

summer skincare
Summer is in the air you can travel yes, but you can’t escape the heat, humidity and the blazing sun, unless you plan on being a hermit and hiding indoors or traveling down under. If escape is unavoidable they say you might as well get on with the program and get your summer skincare habits in place. Lets go

Learn The Skincare Codex Repair & Treat Sun Damage

A tan may be a popular summer look, but it indicates skin damage.

What causes skin damage? UV light causes photoaging in the form of brown spots, coarse skin and wrinkles, whether you have burned your skin or not. When sunlight comes in contact with skin a cascade of damage results (including the stripping of barrier lipids) causing inflammation, production of reactive oxygen molecules that affect healthy cell growth, and stimulation of collagen destructing enzymes.

What to do? Bombard your skin with age-fighting ingredients to help undo any damage that may occur, and to further protect it from the aging effects of UV. Be Sun Smart!

Be Sunscreen Sauvé When In Doubt, Apply & Reapply!

Why? It’s not enough to just apply sunscreen. you must apply enough, and apply frequently. Studies indicate that most people do not apply nearly as much daylight protection as they should.

How Much? A teaspoon for the face. For the body, about as much as would fill a shot glass (1 fl. oz.).

How often? Re-apply every two hours.

Skin Saving Tip: Stay out of the midday sun from mid-morning to late afternoon whenever you can.

Master The Hydration Etiquette Make Friends With H20

Why? Higher temperatures and more time outdoors leads to internal dehydration, which can result in headaches and dizzy spells!

What you can do? Drink 8-10 glasses of plain, filtered water every day. This'd help maintain critical moisture balance of the body and skin, and assist in detoxification.

Tip: If you drink caffeinated beverages, you must triple the amount of water you drink! Bottoms Up!