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Health & Beauty Memo 2014: Do your body a favor - Stop flooding it with chemicals!

Detox Dr. Shazia Ali

Research has shown that modern day conventional pesticide loaded diet and pollution can run havoc not just on your skin and physique, but your overall health. You can't eliminate all toxins from your life, but you can dramatically reduce your exposure and make your body better at getting rid of toxins -- as a result, your body will become better at losing weight.

Choose Organic Choose Healthy: Eliminating toxins from your body can make it easier to shed pounds. The presence of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (for example, BPA present in many consumer items from canned food to cash register receipts) has been linked to increased risk of obesity. Some chemicals, including a widespread pollutant present in smoke from burning wood, charcoal and in charred meats disrupt the ability of the body to digest and eliminate fats. Numerous common toxins including heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and Phthalate have all been shown in studies to cause lab animals to gain weight.

Bycot Fat-Free Foods: Don’t fall into the trap of fat-free promise. Products, such as fat-free yogurt, cheese, and baked goods, contain artificial chemicals to make them taste better. These added ingredients can slow metabolism and are typically very high in carbs and sugar. Plus, they can wreak havoc on your skin and hair health.

No More Artificial Sweeteners: Avoid all products with artificial sugars such as sugar free sodas, gums and candies. Be wary of products that state they are sugar free, but contain sorbitol, suclilose, aspartame, or splenda. These chemicals actually slow muscle building and reduce calorie burning and get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

Be Sure To Hydrate: Drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water each day. So, if you weigh 140 pounds, need to drink 70 ounces of spring water every day. Many teas are dehydrating, but raspberry tea can actually enhance your hydration and give your skin a healthy, plump look.

Make Breakfast A Ritual: It’s been hailed the most important meal of the day and it’s true! You need to eat a healthy breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up to fire up metabolism. Haylie suggests making a smoothie with uncooked rolled oats, raw nuts, and fruit.

Do A Detox: To get rid of any bad food hangovers, it’s a must to indulge in a cleanse once every few months. There are so many Detox plans out there you can follow any that you feel comfortable with. My eyes are caught by the celebrity fat-whisperer Haylie’s created line of products called Optimal Cleanse and Optimal Fat Flusher, both of which have shown long-term weight loss promotion because they help to release toxins that can plateau many diets. J Lo is a huge fan of the Optimal 5-day Cleanse.

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All Eyes On Strateris™ — An All New Under-eye Transformation System

Under eye wrinkles and bags can act as bad billboards for aging, brazenly advertizing and sometimes exaggerating our age to all and sundry   How many of you agree with this statement? I solemnly do and apparently Jennifer Aniston does too!

Jennifer Aniston is an astute and age-smart gal, who not only believes in diligently takes care of herself, but she also knows the importance of focused care for peepers, especially the delicate age-prone areas under the eyes. Jenny’s secret eye opener: First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller has severed her well up until now, but in 2014 she is moving on to something more high tech and well researched. She has recently partnered up with Living Proof, a high-tech beauty company unveiling a new, albeit temporary solution for under eye wrinkles and bulges.

The product is called Strateris™ it works by creating an invisible film that essentially shrink-wraps loose skin under the eyes so effectively that it looks as if the wrinkles and bags have been surgically snipped away.

The product is a two step a roll-on treatment, when applied under the eyes it forms a transparent film that’s breathable, flexible, and imperceptible. The Contouring Complex (Step 1) is a proprietary dispersion of polydimethylsiloxane polymers in an aqueous medium. The Activator (Step 2) is a water-in-silicone emulsion that is applied over the Contouring Complex to immediately initiate the appearance of lower lid rejuvenation. The effects last all day until Strateris™ is removed, at that point the skin returns to its original state. Doctors are calling Strateris™, the latest and sheerest Spanx for under eye area, as it works by compressing the sagging skin and pads of fat.

Strateris™ has been in development for ten years and has been tested on 600 people with lower lids fat bags. While it's not a cure for eye bags or wrinkles, some people look at it as a promising alternative to injectables. That's probably why Valeant Pharmaceuticals, the company that markets Restylane (an injectable wrinkle filler) and Dysport (a Botox competitor) last week invested $75 million in Strateris™.

Strateris™ is not available in the market yet, but it has been generating a lot of buzz awaiting its big unveiling at the American Academy of Dermatology Conference in Denver in March 2014. Strateris™ is going to be sold through doctor's offices, though it won't require a prescription. 


Got Oily Skin? - Here Are Your Daily Maintenance Guidelines

They say too much of a good thing can be bad, that’s so true when we are talking about oily skin. Normally oils produced by the body help keep our skin healthy, but excess oil can also lead to blemishes and acne flare-ups. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to manage oiliness. Clear complexion strategies range from over-the-counter cleansers to prescription lotions and cosmetic treatments.

Cleansers: Most effective way to manage oily skin is to cleanse your face both morning and night. Look for a mild cleanser or one that includes an acid such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or beta-hydroxy acid.
Wash with warm water, not hot, because temperature extremes can irritate skin.
Toners: Using a toner on the T-zone helps to remove excess oils and also balances the PH of the skin. Use once daily and always finish up with applying an oil free moisturizer to make sure skin doesn’t end up being over dry.  
Moisturizers: People who have oily skin often steer clear of moisturizers, worrying that they’ll make their skin look even shinier. That’s a bad idea. Even oily skin needs to be moisturized to look its best. To avoid an oily sheen, choose an oil-free moisturizer. Vary the amount you apply depending on whether the area tends to be dry or oily.  
Exfoliaters: Using a exfoliation scrub once a week helps keep pores clear and retards sebum retention in the pores (black & white heads).

Professional Acne Treatment: If over-the-counter products aren’t enough to help you manage oily skin, talk to your dermatologist. Lasers and chemical peels can help reduce oiliness and improve the overall look of your skin. Creams laced with tretinoin, adapalene, or tazarotene can also help by altering pores and reducing oiliness. Since these products can be irritating, it’s best to use them only on oily areas and only as often as you really need.  

Adapt Your Facial Regimen: How oily your skin appears can vary season by season, week by week, even day by day. Oil production is influenced by hormones, by mood, even by the weather. For example, some people have problems with oily skin only in the summer when they’re sweating. It’s important to be aware of how your skin varies so that you can adjust your regimen accordingly. You may need cleanser with glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acid every day during the summer but only now and then during the winter. That’s important to know since overusing these products can cause skin to dry out.

It’s also worth remembering that oil production is a normal part of healthy skin. People with naturally oily skin tend to have fewer wrinkles and healthier looking skin. So don’t go overboard in your efforts. Remove excess oiliness when you need to look your best, but be careful to preserve your skin’s natural anti-aging mechanism.