All Eyes On Strateris™ — An All New Under-eye Transformation System

Under eye wrinkles and bags can act as bad billboards for aging, brazenly advertizing and sometimes exaggerating our age to all and sundry   How many of you agree with this statement? I solemnly do and apparently Jennifer Aniston does too!

Jennifer Aniston is an astute and age-smart gal, who not only believes in diligently takes care of herself, but she also knows the importance of focused care for peepers, especially the delicate age-prone areas under the eyes. Jenny’s secret eye opener: First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller has severed her well up until now, but in 2014 she is moving on to something more high tech and well researched. She has recently partnered up with Living Proof, a high-tech beauty company unveiling a new, albeit temporary solution for under eye wrinkles and bulges.

The product is called Strateris™ it works by creating an invisible film that essentially shrink-wraps loose skin under the eyes so effectively that it looks as if the wrinkles and bags have been surgically snipped away.

The product is a two step a roll-on treatment, when applied under the eyes it forms a transparent film that’s breathable, flexible, and imperceptible. The Contouring Complex (Step 1) is a proprietary dispersion of polydimethylsiloxane polymers in an aqueous medium. The Activator (Step 2) is a water-in-silicone emulsion that is applied over the Contouring Complex to immediately initiate the appearance of lower lid rejuvenation. The effects last all day until Strateris™ is removed, at that point the skin returns to its original state. Doctors are calling Strateris™, the latest and sheerest Spanx for under eye area, as it works by compressing the sagging skin and pads of fat.

Strateris™ has been in development for ten years and has been tested on 600 people with lower lids fat bags. While it's not a cure for eye bags or wrinkles, some people look at it as a promising alternative to injectables. That's probably why Valeant Pharmaceuticals, the company that markets Restylane (an injectable wrinkle filler) and Dysport (a Botox competitor) last week invested $75 million in Strateris™.

Strateris™ is not available in the market yet, but it has been generating a lot of buzz awaiting its big unveiling at the American Academy of Dermatology Conference in Denver in March 2014. Strateris™ is going to be sold through doctor's offices, though it won't require a prescription. 

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