Eyes are windows to our soul(age)

New Technologies for Non-Surgical Face and Eye Rejuvenation

Most people are afraid to go under knife to restore the signs of aging and hence, non surgical procedures are getting more in demand.
The biggest recent advance in cosmetic eyelid treatments includes the deep fractional lasers. Lax skin around the eye is not easy to treat but with “dual depth resurfacing”, using “a combination of deep fractional ablation and superficial fractional ablation lines can be smoothened out and skin tightened in a matter of minutes with very little down time recovering. In many cases, a patient can look like they had a blepharoplasty without surgery.  It treats problems in skin layers affected by photoaging- the mid to deep dermis and the superficial dermis at the same time. Patients can combine dual-depth resurfacing with botox and filler for synergistic enhancements.

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