Treatment rationale and options for the aging face

Lets divide aging process into 3 major time-zones.

20-30’s What are the first signs of aging? Loss of freshness and turgidity of the skin. Loss of skin collagen & elastin and appearance of fine lines and deepening of expression lines.

30-40’s Aging shows a 3-D effects along with collagen and elastin loss the gravity pull shows muscle and fat drooping the lacrimal groves, nasolabial furrows and marionette lines go deeper. Face looks tired and pulled down.

40-50’s The 3-D aging process goes more aggressive as we age our bone mass lessens. Our fat & subaponeurotic facsia loosens and our muscles loose tone and sag too. Skin becomes progressively thin and wrinkles heavily.

Based on the brief overview of the facial ageing process, a treatment plan should be suggested in order to target specific anatomic structures.

Cosmoceuticals: They are the starting point for undertaking an antiaging regimen and vital for maintenance of any procedures done. The most important ingredients to look for in cosmoceuticals are: vitamin C, vitamin A, Green tea extract, and Peptides. A good moisturizer and sunscreen completes the regimen.

Injectables: Mesotherapy with multi-vitamins and antioxidants coupled with hyaluronic acid helps nicely in regaining the turgidity and glow to a tired face. Cross-linked hyaluronic acids and calcium hydroxyapetite injectables aid in nicely plumping the deeper furrows and giving some volume to facial contours. Fat is even better for volumizing and rejuvenating the face, décolleté and hands. PRP and stem cell treatment are recent advances in injectables; which help in 3-D restoration of aging face or hands. Combination series of deep and superficial injections help restore all damaged layers from bone to dermis. Results are more natural and long lasting. A touch of botox works magic on the expression associated wrinkles.

Lasers: There is a plethora of devices available in the market, which claim to return the damage done by time and age. Deep infra red lasers, radio frequency and focused ultrasound devices have shown very promising results. Fractional laser CO2 in particular has shown excellent results in expert hands.  Lasers work mainly by stimulating production of collagen and elastin tissue in the dermis.

Surgical options: From blepharoplasty to a full face lift there are so many options. Idea is to look natural and not get carried away. Opt for natural results.

It should be stressed that a thorough analysis of the ageing face is mandatory for planning appropriate treatment, monitoring, achieving optimal outcome, and furthering the knowledge.

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