New Green Solution!!!

Environment friendly line of paint products ideally suitable for the Middle Eastern countries.

What is COOLDRY?
• It is an Exterior Thermal Insulation Paint (made in Germany) which contains pure acrylic emulsion with high-tech heat reflective components.
How does COOLDRY work?
• COOLDRY reflects up to 90% of solar energy (heat, light, UV-light)
• significant reduction of roof temperature (up to 40 °C)
• your building stays considerably cooler insideWhat is your benefit?
• Significant savings on air conditioning (up to 50%)• more comfortable temperature = improved work efficiency and safety
• less air conditioning power required = longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs
• long-lasting protection against: bitumen-membrane cracking, UV light gradation, rainwater• enhancement, extended usability and value-protection of your building
• easy and low-cost application
COOLDRY is an excellent product that saves money, reduces room temperature and protects your roof and exteriors. The product is beneficial and useful for numerous uses:
• Water tanks and reservations: Dramatically Cool the water from your taps and showers .
• Factories: Cool the Roofs and Dramatically reduce the heat inside
• Buildings: Reduce your electricity bills
• Homes & Portable Housing: Keep cool inside your homes
• Malls: Reduce your electricity bills
• Warehouses & Hangers: Reduce your electricity bills and save your products from being damages
• Airports: Cool the facilities and and Go Green and save on electricity bills
• Oil tanks: Protect from evaporation and damage, keep the tanks cool and protect from fire risks and environmental damage.

This product is certified by (ASTM) American Standard Testing Method ASTM E 1585-93 & ASTM E 1980-01, ISO9774-2008 and ISO470-2002 Certificates & (SASO) Saudi Arabian Standard Organization.


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