Long luscious lashes

Long, upturned eyelashes not only make your eyes look bigger, but they're also a characteristic associated with youth and beauty. Modern lifestyle, Dust, pollution, and harsh chemicals in our daily makeup or hygiene products damage skin and its appendages and can be responsible for not so glamourous lashes. Even though eyelash length and shape is genetically programmed, there are many products; which can improve on what genetics bestowed on you.

Latisse® is one of the first prescription medications which has become very popular for eyelash growth and enhancement. I am sure you have seen Brooke Shields as their brand ambassador in ads allover the TV, the magazines the works. Unfortunately we did see some untoward side effects with Latisse®. As, the active ingredient in Latisse® is a drug used for glaucoma patients, people are speculative about the safety of use issues.

Before we talk about natural enhancement of eyelashes we need to rule out any medical causes, which might be responsible for eyelash loss (madarosis) or growth retardation.

  • One of the most common culprits for eyelash loss is a condition called blepharitis. Blepharitis, which is much more likely to affect adults than children, is characterized by chronic swelling of the eyelid, and it can also cause redness, itching, burning, and light sensitivity. Unfortunately, there is no cure for blepharitis, but there are long-term treatment options that can greatly reduce the appearance and intensity of symptoms. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications are often used in conjunction with eyelid scrubs, antioxidants, and massages.
  • Allergic reaction to various skin and makeup products can cause lashes to fall out also.
  • Drugs especially cancer treatments may cause eyelash loss.
  • Hypothyroidism is usually associated with eyelash and hair loss. Treated properly hair comes back normal.
  • Aging is one of the more common eyelash loss causes and well known reason for your lashes to fall out, it is a normal process that nearly everyone experiences as we grow older. Eating a good diet, drinking plenty of water, while reducing your intake of high cholesterol as well as getting adequate sleep and exercise and avoiding stress can aid you in keeping your lashes healthy.

  • Trauma to the eyelid and lash area can also lead to eyelash loss. If you have plucked any lashes or if you have a habit of tugging on your lashes or pulling them out, then it is very likely that is the cause of your eyelash loss. Trichotillomania (TTM) is an impulse disorder that causes sufferers to compulsively pull out scalp hair, body hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. If you have this compulsion, it is very likely that after time, the hair is going to stop growing back. Treatments for this condition vary; some people use medications, others rely on behavioral therapy and support groups and other alternative therapies. Many Trichotillomania sufferers elect to use false eyelashes rather than get involved in a comprehensive treatment regime for their condition.

  • Alopecia areata is another possible cause of madarosis. This condition is actually an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles. The hair loss caused by this affliction usually occurs in round patches at first, but in can progress to complete baldness and hairlessness, eyelashes included. While this is not a life-threatening ailment and there is no physical pain associated with it, it is very emotionally disturbing to sufferers and can cause a great deal of stress, especially in social situations. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be cured, and there are no approved treatments. However, there are some medications and treatments that are designed for other hair loss conditions that can sometimes help to re-grow the hair, such as Minoxidil, Anthralin, Sulfasalazine, topical sensitizers, oral cyclosporine, and photochemotherapy.
  • In rare instances, madarosis can be caused by discoid lupus.

So, if you have been losing your lashes, you should seek help from a dermatologist or ophthalmologist who can pinpoint the cause for your eyelash loss. If your eyelids are red or irritated, you should stop using any cosmetics or lotions on the eye area until you have consulted a doctor because these substances could be aggravating your condition.

Now if every medical reason has been ruled out for eyelash fall out and you want to naturally enhance your own lashes. I would like to share my experience with a unique new product “LashGenesis”, an all natural product that helps condition and grow lashes. LashGenesis has been physician-tested and found to be non allergenic, and completely safe. It’s unique formulas is based on amino acids, peptides and natural lash conditioners. It helps to condition and nourish the lashes so they grow longer without falling out. After 4-6 weeks of use you will see the obvious results: longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes. 

How does LashGenesis work?
Your eyelashes are "manufactured" in the tiny hair follicles on your eyelids. Eyelashes are made mostly of various protein (like keratin) and water. These proteins are made of tiny building blocks known as amino acids. LashGenesis uses the exact and optimal combination of these natural building blocks to spark your lashes to grow abundantly, long and strong. Just like adding nutrients or fertilizer to your plants at home, LashGenesis uses natural eyelash "fertilizers" to achieve dramatic results.

LashGenesis stimulates growth of lashes and also helps condition lashes to make them appear fuller and longer. Good thing is it uses all natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about side effects. It also helps moisturize delicate lashes while helping improve their overall appearance. It is simple to use one coat day and one coat night. It dries clear so no mess life goes on normally. It can also be used to condition Eyebrows. My personal experience has been wonderful I hope you girls out there will try it out. Wish you all a long thick beautiful eyelash experience!

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