Non Invasive Face Lift

Looking For A Miracle? perhaps  "Fairy Godmother’s Wand"!

“I don’t want a facelift, but can’t you just tighten up some of this saggy skin a little?” 

It’s a question asked in my aesthetic practice daily. With new advances in technology and treatment protocols, my answers are shifting from a tentative “maybe” to a qualified “yes.” 
Whether the energy comes from infrared broad-based light (IR), radiofrequency (RF), laser energy or ultrasound, noninvasive skin tightening devices do produce results. They work through thermal injury to underlying dermal tissue with little or no harm to the epidermis. Though multiple sessions are needed to make that magic happen. Results delivered are operator dependent but quantitative and long lasting. 

These devices have given us physician and our patients a lot of hope. The results are naturally dramatic compared to nipped and tucked dramatic of the the surgical lift. Downside is we have to wait for the results to appear. As, we do sessions and our body goes through the natural process of remodeling getting rid of old and damaged skin components and making new collagen and elastin. 
While we are waiting for our face to tighten and lift, life around us goes on.... Engagement parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and we all want to look our best on the important moments of our life. Daily showing up at work the image you want people to perceive of you is: professional, sharp, fresh and energetic, it adds to your profile and your company’s image. Patience is a virtue but waiting isn't easy.
Doctor can you prescribe me something in the meantime? So I can look 10-15 years younger while I am waiting for my real results to appear. This is the second mostly commonly asked question in my office. I did a thorough a research to find some miracle instant “Cinderella Effect” elixir of youth to cater to my patients needs and I came across “Gone in sixty secondsTM” by a company called Aminogenesis.
Gone in sixty secondsTM contains a scientific blend of oxygenating peptides and firming proteins that tighten, firm, and reduce puffiness. 
Its advanced formula activates on contact and time releases key ingredients all day long. 
Its not permanent it lasts almost as long as your make-up does. 
I tried it myself and found all claims true. Now it’s my trusted prescription for my patients on a budget who can’t afford the expensive procedures like botox or energy assisted skin lifts. And it’s my-go-to product while we are waiting post procedure for the long term miracles to happen.

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