Skin Classification

Most of us are familiar with the four basic skin types as shown below:

As dermatology has evolved the basic skin classification has been revised and here’s the new and more comprehensive skin classification system. Find out what is yours and start taking care of your skin accordingly.

           I.       Normal
          II.       Normal and Pigmented
        III.       Normal and Sensitive
        IV.       Normal, Sensitive and Pigmented
          V.      Dry
        VI.       Dry and Pigmented
       VII.      Dry and Sensitive
     VIII.       Dry Pigmented and Sensitive
        IX.       Oily
          X.      Oily and Pigmented
        XI.      Oily and Sensitive
       XII.     Oily, Pigmented and Sensitive
     XIII.     Oily and Combination
     XIV.     Oily and Combination Pigmented
       XV.    Oily and Combination Sensitive
     XVI.     Oily and Combination Pigmented and Sensitive

Normal Skin has an equal balance of water and oil, making it naturally well moisturized. The pores are medium-sized. When you pull the skin away from the bony structure, it springs back to normal position. Lines and wrinkles are appropriate for age.

Oily Skin has a coarse texture. Usually oily areas tend to shine. Oily skin results from overactive oil glands; the oil helps retain dead skin cells in the hair follicles. Pores tend to be larger. The dead skin cells may darken with exposure to the air, forming blackheads. Often, individuals with oily skin have a tendency to develop acne in their teen and middle years, and overgrown oil glands, or sebaceous hyperplasia, in the middle and late years.

Dry Skin has a rough texture and may become flaky. There are no shiny areas; in fact, the skin looks dull. Pores tend to be smaller because less oil is produced. Without adequate moisture, dry skin can easily become chapped. As dry skin ages, it’s more likely than other types to become wrinkly.

Pigmented Skin is prone to uneven discolorations, and freckles with hormonal change, pregnancy, and sun exposure. Requires regular use sun block usage and bleaching products.

Sensitive Skin is prone to redness and irritation on and off. Requires gentle non-allergenic products.

Oily and Combination Skin is prone to blemishes and T-Zone of open pores. Requires special care with salicylic acid and oil free products.

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