Simple Secrets To Succor Your Skin

It is so true...... You are what you eat!!!!!
Eat as healthy as possible, having a good diet, makes your skin look healthy and beautiful.

Now lets talk serious.... preventing redness, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation pesky issues that add unwanted years to your vis-age. I unflinchingly believe in these tried & tested three easy-basic guidelines......... Don’t be shy read on & make them your-own-skin-habits and enjoy clearer improved skin/complexions. (You're welcome by the way) *Wink* .....Stay Radiant!

  • Be gentle on your skin: Avoid harsh scrubs and rigorous towel drying, friction can cause irritation that makes skin look older. And anytime you have an ingrown hair, clogged pore, or even a scratch from your pet—don’t touch it!! Many women pick at their skin, not realizing it can cause post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring.

  • Stay away from smoke: Chemicals from cigarettes get into your bloodstream and find their way to your skin, making it sallow and spotty. Even if you don’t smoke, sitting in a smoky room or restaurant exposes your skin to the same chemicals that cause discoloration. 

  • Say yes to daily SPF: You’ve heard it a million times, but have you gotten the message? My patients say they don’t use sunscreen because they don’t sunbathe, so I show them the freckles and little broken capillaries on their skin. I explain that they can get sun damage from simply walking to the car each day without sunscreen.

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