Summer Beauty Trends - Drop Dead Gorgeous Lashes

 Summer heat and humidity dictates an essential change in skincare routine and when it comes to makeup it goes without saying that less is always more. Adjusting to the hot trends this summer, beauty focus is naturally going to be on clear radiant skin and flaunting glammed up dreamy lashes.

If you’re not naturally blessed with diva-grade lashes don’t lament, gone are the days of wishing you had longer, thicker eyelashes. With new technology and product invention, taking your sparse eyelashes from nothing to fabulous is as easy as applying a growth stimulating lash serum.

Naturally Flirty Flutter With LashGenesis™

Currently I am in love with this luxuriously rich, and deeply nourishing, amino acid based serum that helps you grow fuller, longer and sexier lashes in as little as, six to eight weeks. LashGenesis by AminoGenesis contains a unique patented Hair Growth Formula, that contains amino acid, multi-vitamins, select moisturising agents and plant and vegetal extracts to boost natural eyelash grown.

The Science Behind LashGenesis™

LashGenesis™ helps grow your lashes by stimulating blood flow to the lash root, nourishing eyelashes effectively and protecting new, growing lashes from damage by preventing breakage, dryness and weakening of lashes because of cosmetics, the sun or the environment - all helping to promote the growth of longer, thicker and more glamorous looking eyelashes.

LashGenesis™ In Action

Packed full of proteins, stimulating botanical oils, multi-vitamins, flower infusions and herbal extracts, LashGenesis™ patented Hair Growth Formula grows thicker, longer, more glamorous lashes and help solve the problem of thinning, damaged, short and brittle eyelashes.
  • Conditions and protects delicate growing lashes with powerful moisturising agents.
  • Its combination of plant-based active ingredients enhance the strength, length, thickness and vitality of lashes.
  • Boosts lash growth and thickness.
  • Nourishes and protects sparse, thinning lashes
  • Adds glossy definition, shine and thickness to lashes instantly.
  • Helps to promote and encourage fuller, longer lashes over time. 
  • Containing active ingredients that are proven to be effective.
  • Hypo-allergenic - Non-irritating.

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