Let's Talk Healthy Locks

Hair is always tricky: too short, too long, too frizzy, too flat, or simply not French enough add in dictation from the seasonal in-trends - super-straight sleek take your flatiron out right this minute or wear the sign I am with the band and you feel it’s a curl loosing battle you can never win. Fear not I am not trying to make you shave your mane off it’s actually a back to basics tress care intervention. Develop these seven daily hair care healthy habits and you can conquer braids, buns, gravity-defying volume or super swishy glam waves -- Simple Does It.

Break Bad Habits - Stress, smoking, and bad eating habits can make your hair dull and prone to breakage.

Practice Healthy: Eat healthy, splurge on veggies and drink plenty of water. Get enough sleep.

Avoid Breakage - Your hair is its most fragile when wet, so avoid excessive brushing or combing until it's most dry.

Heat Wave - Avoid using the hottest setting on your hair dryer, as it can be damaging to your strands, especially if you're pairing it with another hot tool, like a flat iron.

Animal Instinct - Use a natural-bristle brush, it is softer and more flexible, which means less damage to your hair.

Fight Frizz - After conditioning, rinse your hair with cold water. This helps to seal the cuticle, making it harder for moisture to enter the hair follicle, which can cause frizz.

Straight Talk - If you straighten your hair, start with an anti-frizz serum to create a moisture barrier and add a heat protectant to prevent your strands from being damaged while styling.

Say No To Alcohol - Avoid hair styling products (gel, mouse, hair spray) with alcohol content to prevent hair from drying. Also avoid heat protectants, products with fragrance, parabens and salt sprays.

Pump Up the Volume - Spritz a volumizing spray at your roots when your hair is dry, then flip your hair over and blow-dry. Finally, gently smooth out any stray strands with a brush.

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