TLC For Post Halloween Skin Blues

Trick or treating, can typically put you in a candy coma and if you really went for a good time extending happy hour, come next morning you might find yourself wrestling with monster hangovers. Spooky fun-spill-over of all hallows eve doesn’t stop just there, looking in the mirror later in the week you realize all of that excitement and sugar, plus the elaborate makeup has left a lasting dreary spell on your skin.

Trying Paranormal EFx from AminoGenesis the morning after a Halloween party, I couldn't help but regret not smudging it as my makeup base to the sci-fi themed event the night before! A purple glistening antiaging party mask, that doubles as skincare would have been a perfect marriage between skincare and Halloween celebration. Looking a bit alien, it also acts futuristic in the best possible way - offering cutting edge Regenplex 4 and antiaging powers of 6 scientifically advanced amino acid technology to deeply infuse skin with powerful wrinkle-fighting ingredients could have been the most skin smart all hallows eve skin potion. While scaring away wrinkles with mighty amino acids along with GPA, peptide, tremella mushroom extract and resurrection plant extract ensuring moisture retention, improving skin elasticity and warding off little fine lines and skin crinkles, you’d been tempted to slip into a club and rock the night away like a 20’something spirit on a youth-high.

Post Halloween if your skin is giving dry and lack luster vibes I’d recommend AminoGenesis to the rescue. Their amino acid packed moisturizing and skin repair formula “Therapeutic Facial Repair” will repair, hydrate and wipe away all signs of harsh makeup from first application. Indulge morning and evening and watch your skin coming back to it’s full glory in as little as 4-5 days.

Now only if I had before hand thought of making a Halloween kit including a salad and Advil along with Paranormal EFX and Therapeutic Facial Repair to help us celebrate and tame our other Halloween woes! — No worries still let’s just work on wiping the damage clean and there’s always next year!


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