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Dark Lip Problems
Hiding behind the dark lipstick shield? You are not alone, most females of our species do. The fancy art of lip camouflage is rooted deep in fairytale “Standards Of Beauty” - Rosy lips epitomize every princess and even prince’s charm and nebulous smackers are for-ever-and-a-day assigned to the fiends. Armed with lips the shade of pink petals every dame lives the dream with the confidence that “crimson lips” possess superpowers of attraction, their magical flutter can make people fall in love, and at marchen moments (as publicized by romance flicks) they can even make time roll in slow-mo. All this sounds ridiculous, but fact is fantasy and movies draw from as well as influence our lives more than we fathom. Dark lips on the opposite spectrum can tarnish your personal image and become an extant source of embarrassment, as they are usually associated with villain-ish image.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and in the case of swart lips we have a flicker of hope too. First off take comfort in the knowledge you’re not alone. A great number of populace suffers with the case of activated melanocytes focused especially around the lip area.  Before you smack your lips in a hurry and go blaming your lip products let me highlight the fact that the circle of culprits is much broader. There are many factors that can cause your lips to go dark. The causes range from genetic to allergies, excessive smoking or caffeine intake, along with exposure to UV rays, hormonal imbalances and intake of certain medications. As, they say there are many ways to skin a cat there are many ways to lighten dark lips too.

Here are some simple remedies that can help in the mission: Treat & Lighten Dark Kissers.

How To Prevent Dark Lips

·      Say ‘NO’ To Smoking: Nicotine causes darkening of the lips and lip discoloration.
·      Drink Less Coffee: Excess consumption of tea and coffee can turn lips black in addition to staining your teeth. So, limit your caffeine intake, in order to avoid your lips from acquiring a darker hue.
·      Minimize Sun Exposure: there is an increased amount of melanin pigment in the lips. Ensure that you use lip products with SPF/UV protectors, if you are going to spend time outside.
·      Check Your Lipsticks: Prolonged and excessive use of lipsticks and lip cosmetics, especially lower-quality ones can also cause lip pigmentation.
·      Don’t Batter Your Lips: Licking the lips, so as to keep them wet dries them out, leading to darkening of the lips. Even the habit of biting or chewing lips should be avoided, as repeated injury can damage them.

Treatments For Dark Lips

Skin Modulation- Pyruvic Peel
A peel specially designed to treat the fragile lip skin can work wonders to revive the natural color back to your lips.

Needle To The Rescue - Anteis Esthetis Basic
The idea is not to inflate your lips bigger than your ego, but to deeply moisturize them, and pull in hydration at the time improving circulation in the fleshy parts. As a result, lips look rejuvenated and slightly flushed because of the glycerol aided improved blood circulation.

Laser Intervention
Lasers have shown great promise in erasing dark pigment from the skin. Fraxel, Thallium and Q-switched lasers are used in dermatology practices to break down pigment and regenerate the lip surface.

Some Home Remedies
Before the pharmaceutical giants took over the modern world, we have some grandma anecdotes passed on from generation to generation with promising results.

·      Turmeric Powder with Milk: A great way to lighten dark lips comes from India. There they mix raw turmeric powder and milk cream to achieve great results. You can also try mixing turmeric powder and gram’s flour to light your lips. Just keep in mind that gram’s flour dries out lips making it a poor option for those whose lips are already dry. If you do use this mix, be sure to use a heavy double cream designed to moisturize your lips after you remove the mix.
·      Honey, Almond Oil and Sugar: Another great remedy is to mix sugar, honey and a little bit of olive or almond oil. Apply this to your lips, massaging it in for few minutes. This exercise will remove dead cells and dry skin from your lips, and improve blood circulation.
·      Hydrate: Use lip balms containing beeswax or cocoa butter as these seal in the moisture of your lips. 

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