Thigh Dimples — Embrace The Simple Truth

Fact — Curvy or skinny all girls have cellulite, and if anyone says other wise —by the powers vested in you by me — call their bluff. If you visit a pharmacy or cosmetic store there are shelves and shelves of space dedicated to creams and lotions claiming to cure cellulite — (encore) by the powers vested in you by me — call their bluff. Ladies modern medicine thus far has failed us and lamentably there is no permanent fix even on the horizon as of yet. Yes, there are multiple laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency technologies available in the market that temporarily help reduce the hallmarks lumps and bumps of cellulite, but they all fall short in giving lasting results. Research has shown us clearly that there are multiple causes working against our thighs leading to the appearance of cottage cheese skin. A lasting remedy would have to address the interplay between skin, fat, connective tissue and underlying muscle and currently there is none.

Peau D’ Orange Under The Microscope — Cellulite is caused when little bits of fatty tissue push through the fibrous connective-tissue lattice that is connecting our skin to the underlying tissues. The fatty tissue itself is soft, and the fibrous connective tissue is tough. Now imagine the soft fat popping through the open spaces between the tough strands of fibrous tissue. No matter the body shape, even little bits of fat can push their way through. Long story short: Fatty tissue (aka cellulite) can show up on all shapes and sizes, even super model thin frames.


If lotions, potions, pills and technology have failed us, it doesn’t mean we are going to lay down arms and embrace the horrific dimples of cottage cheese. Be pro active and keep your daily prevention shields up and keep the wobbly beast at an arms length.

Cellulite #DrShaziaAli

Skip Your Tele Date With Salsa & Chips — Avoiding salty foods and other water retention traps can help keep the appearance of cellulite at bay. People who retain fluids have cellulite worse than those who don’t. Introduce your self to low-sodium soy sauce!

Smooth Skin Is Exfoliated Skin — Seek out a gentle exfoliator, harsh exfoliators can chafe the skin making skin dimpling worse over time. You can try a home made sugar scrub because it dissolves as you use it. For this reason, it’s hard to over-exfoliate with a well-made sugar scrub. I absolutely trust the new soft, and body-friendly Braun Silkepil SkinSpa sonic brush exfoliating system for more efficient results.

Happy Skin Is Hydrated Skin — When you’re in the bath or shower, make good use of your awesome new Braun exfoliator or a body polish. After toweling off, apply a rich moisturizer while the skin is still damp. Keep in mind that fancy schmancy moisturizers may not be more effective. These days a lot of high-tech engineering goes into the development of moisturizers. While moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter are good to look for, it’s not easy to identify the good or bad moisturizers by merely looking at the ingredients alone. I’d recommend looking for a name you trust and price point you feel comfortable using every day. Ultimately, it is the daily use of a moisturizer that makes it effective. My personal favorite is AminoGenesis Cocoon that leaves my skin with a smooth and lasting finish everyday.

Cellulite Creams The Silky Truth — I don't want to be the one to break it to you, but there is no over-the-counter cream that is going to "cure" your cellulite. I really don't understand how smart, responsible people can think a cream or topical product can make a difference to cellulite. But if you are keen on feeding your frenzy to tame your dimpled thighs look for products, which contains restorative antioxidants like green tea or caffeine. It’s just conjecture on my part, but it may be that caffeine constricts the tiny vessels in the skin leading to slight local ‘dehydration’ in the skin that can prevent water retention, relieving pressure in the fat pockets under the skin and indirectly preventing fat from poking through and making cellulite look better temporarily.

Final Note To Self: Love Your Body — Learning to love your body as is, especially when it comes to something that's both natural and abundant in the female population, will save you a lot of anxiety and agony in the grand scheme of things. Live your life — cellulite be damned!

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