Fall Beauty Resolution — Cut A Dash With Your Perfect Skin

Skincare according to skin type - Dr. Shazia Ali
We live in a world full of beauty. For some girls it stares you directly in the face and other times it is not so easy to find. To each and everyone one of us beauty means something else, but experts agree flawless skin counts for at least fifty percent of our aesthetic image and the other fifty percent lies in the proportion of facial features & body contours. Now if you can control how your skin looks then you are practically in charge of 50% of your beauty. Let’s get to work and carve beauty out of your skin.

Know Thy Skin Type: All skin is not created equal, flawlessly beautiful skin can be a gift form God or it can be achieved with the help of practicing the science of good skincare. It’s vital to know what is your skin type before you can begin to take care of it.

Oily Skin: The hallmark of oily skin is open pores with greasy feel especially around the T-Zone. With hormonal imbalance acne, black heads and white heads result leaving behind pigmentation, scars and permanent skin damage. The trick to managing oily skin is using products especially formulated for oily skin as products made for other skin types can lead to clogging of pore and sebaceous gland irritation leading to acne along with uneven and blotchy skin. As a general rule buy gels, serums and oil-free products. Combination skin calls for a mix of products applied to each area — or you can opt to layer lighter-weight products over the drier areas. For breakouts and clogged pores, you can’t get results from a well-formulated, leave-on BHA (salicylic acid) exfoliant or a retinoic acid based product.

Dry Skin: Prone to ashy dry complexion and flaking dry skin always feels tight and uncomfortable without proper moisturization. Here wrinkles are the major problem to tackle instead of open pores. The trick to managing dry skin is double time moisturization and use of products that don’t dehydrate or strip the skin.

Sensitive Skin: Susceptible to irritation, redness and discomfort people with sensitive skin have to be very careful with what products they chose to take care of their skin. Mostly people with sensitive skin have other types of allergies too e.g. food, metal, different chemicals etc. The trick to managing sensitive skin is avoiding products loaded with harsh chemicals and active repair of the skin barrier function by using specialized moisturizers.

Pigmented Skin: Genetics have thrown you a curve ball if you easily develop patches of hyperpigmentation on your skin. Sun, hormones and friction are some of the common trigger factors that push pigmented skin into over drive resulting in melasma and discoloration issues. The trick to managing pigmented skin is active use of sunscreen and keeping the complexion balanced by natural plant based skin-lightening agents like vitamin C, arbutin, etc.

Normal Skin: You are lucky, beauty Gods were smiling as you were being conceived. Your skin is balanced and requires bare minimum care but that does not mean you neglect it. If you want to keep you skin beautiful and young you need to take care for the future. Product selection wise with normal skin there's a little more leeway, and you can choose the product textures you like most. The trick to managing normal skin is using plenty of antioxidants and diligent use of sunscreen to prevent future skin aging.

Use Skincare Judiciously & Like Clockwork: If your skin is not looking good there is a reason behind it, and the most obvious one is: you are not using your skincare products according to your skin type. For example, if you have combination skin and you’re using a product containing irritating ingredients such as alcohol, you may actually be exacerbating the oily areas. Because irritation stimulates nerve endings in skin, a subsequent hormonal surge leads to more oil and, potentially, breakouts. On the other hand, if you have dry skin and load up on moisturizers but don’t periodically use a good leave-on exfoliant, a buildup of dead, dry skin cells may result. And that really rich moisturizer you're using will seem to stop working. Basically, what you need is a routine that fits your skin type and manages your concerns. Read up, educate your self about your skin, see a dermatologist and understand your skin — sticking to a judicious skincare plan is vital to maintaining beautiful skin.

UV Protection: Daily sunscreen use is the single most important thing you can do to get and maintain near-perfect and certainly younger-looking skin.

To be able to find the confidence in your beauty is something that is within you. Important message here is you need to believe, put your best foot forward and never doubt. 

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