Journey To A Lush Mane Can Start With A Jolt From Joe

Coffee makes hair grow
Rupunzel & Cousin Itt were probably coffee junkies, as Joe reportedly helps bulk up thinning hair and promotes hair growth —Yup, according to the scientific circles caffeine in addition to jumpstarting your neurons in the morning also stimulates your hair follicles.

A latest study published in the British Journal Of Dermatology has shown that caffeine counteracts the suppression of hair shaft production by testosterone hormone (major cause of balding in men) and stimulates hair growth. During the study micro-dissected hair from men and women were treated with testosterone alone or in combination with caffeine. Caffeine not only helped retard the action of testosterone hormone on the hair follicles but also stimulated and promoted hair growth directly and through growth factors that help prevent hair cells from dying or going into a dormant state. Female hair follicles reportedly showed higher sensitivity to caffeine than male follicles —Extra bonus for ladies rejoice.

Previously in a similar study published in the International Journal Of Dermatology back in 2007, scientists had treated weakened hair follicles with a caffeine solution and had reported that the speed of hair growth was increased by up to 25 percent with caffeine stimulation.

The recently done study has explored the actions of caffeine in much more detail and given us a solid reasons to employ caffeine as our daily hair fix along with its regular role of our circadian wake-me-upper & energy fix.

Before you dash out to get yourself a shot of double espresso take a pause —To get the follicle stimulating benefits from a cuppa joe to your scalp, just sipping a latte isn't going to cut it. To obtain an adequate dose to stimulate your locks you'd have to drink between 50 to 60 cups loaded with caffeine every day —which might actually will stop your heart before you’d see any hair spurt, hence strongly advised against.

To battle hair thinning and shedding and reap caffeinated perks for your hair, specialized hair care products loaded with optimal formulations have to be used. Such products for hair stimulation have been lining up the pharmacy shelves and judging from how common hair loss problem is I am going to predict that these battery acid infused hair stimulants are going to as popular as Starbucks if not more.

coffee shampoo and lotion

Starbucks board of directors please take notes, let’s collaborate and come up with scalp boosting capillum-latte shampoo and lotion.

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