Master “The Nude No Makeup” Trend For 2016

How to look good without makeup
“The natural look” or as they call it “Nude On Nude” trend is gaining popularity these days, as young and genetically blessed models/celeb selfies are going viral with “dare to bare”, “I wear no make up”, “I woke up like this”, yup “I am A Natural BEAUTY”, and “I don’t care” attitude on social media.  I want to be a cheerleader to this “no makeup” campaign, but the only snag I see while practicing this ultimate barefaced trend is that it requires flawless skin almost close to perfection — not every one inherits perfect skin from their mamma.

No need to pout! Even if you’re not on the genetically endowed list, let aesthetic science show you once and for all how the ultimate barefaced look can be nailed.

How To Achieve Flawlessly Smooth Skin?

Our skin is the primary barrier that protects our body against assaults from the outside world. Toxins and dead cells accumulate on the skin’s surface and stop it from breathing, which causes skin problems such as seborrhoea, acne, a dull complexion, pigmentation marks, blackheads and enlarged pores. UV rays from sun along with hormonal changes cause skin pigmentations, melasma and photo-damage. To keep skin at its optimal and reverse daily skin damage the solution lies in regularly exfoliating the skin, thus encouraging skin renewal. Laser peels in my opinion do this job with excellent precision and utmost control— according to the parameters selected, we can choose how deep we want to work, how much skin surface area we want to cover and how much heat we want to deposit in the skin to denature old and damaged collagen and start the process of new collagen synthesis. All these controlled parameters give way to superior results, which are lacking when we go for chemical peels. Additionally the heat component stimulates the skin’s cells to produce new dermal collagen that imparts youth to skin. Thus the treated skin looks smoother and more radiant, and at the same time we benefit from photo-rejuvenation effects of laser light.
One laser peel gives the same, or even better, results than a 5-10 series of diamond dermabrasion treatments or chemical peels.

In addition to laser skin smoothing people with oily and acne prone skin need to use special skincare on daily basis to calm their oil glands in order to prevent future open pores, black heads and acne.

How To Keep The Promise Of A Clear Complexion?

Pigmentation marks, scars, redness, melasma and spider veins are common flaws that need to be addressed before embarking on barefaced trend.

Creating smooth and perfect skin with lasers

For pigmentation patches lasers again happen to be the tool of choice, the laser chosen depends on the color of the skin and the location of the mark, which might be dermal or epidermal. The lasers used are Q-switched KTP, Nd:Yag, Alexandrite, Fraxel or Fractional CO2 and Erbium ablative lasers.

Vascular flaws can be eliminated using KTP, Nd:Yag or PDL (pulsed dye laser) lasers.

Fractional CO2 and erbium ablative lasers can be used to treat scarring.

Restoring Contours & Smoothing out Facial Imperfections

Categorically perfect face means a visage without wrinkles contoured with golden proportions with shapely volumes.

We can achieve facial contour harmony with the help of injectable essentials like Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.  Botox works like magic to tame down dynamic wrinkles and hyaluronic acid happens to be the perfect additive to achieve seamless and smooth well-proportioned face to restore volume and erase wrinkles in the cheeks, under-eye area, lips and chin areas.

A perfect mouth and eyes are considered unparalleled weapons of seduction. If you are planning to quit lipstick, lip lining and concealer under-eyes you have to make sure your lips are well defined with right volume at the right places and that the delicate skin under your eyes is smooth and wrinkle as well as pigmentation free. A combination of ablative lasers to iron our wrinkles and pigmentation around the eyes, as well as hyaluronic acid injections in the under the eyes area can help erase a tired expression. Hyaluronic acid can also be used into the eyebrows to reshape and reposition the brows and into the lips to recover lost volume, give more alluring shape and sensuality.

Hydration Is The Key To Immaculate Skin

The first step to a flawless complexion is hydration, to intensely hydrate the skin, we can use non cross-linked hyaluronic acid alone or coupled with multivitamins and skin boosters.

Juvederm Hydrate

Non Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid in the form of Skinboosters by Juvederm Hydrate, Teosyal Meso, Boletero can be injected into the mid-dermal layer to increase skin hydration as one molecule of HA brings in 800 molecules of water. The aim is to create denser-looking skin without affecting the facial features or volumes. The skin’s structure is reinforced in the form of elasticity, firmness and radiance. Skin dermis is hydrated. Usually two to three sessions are carried out, leaving a month in between, followed by one or two top-up sessions per year.

Mesotherapy skin boosting injections filled with nourishing and revitalizing complexes containing vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are available as special cocktails ready to be injected into the superficial dermis to increase skin hydration as well as nourishing the skin. The face, neck, décolletage, back of the hands and the body can all be treated with such cocktails to give glow and radiance to the skin.

Now You Are Ready To Pose San Makeup And Click A Selfie

Perfect Selfie

Enjoy your nude on nude look, Bye-bye layers of makeup, contouring kits and concealers the aesthetc medicine has leveled the playing field between genetically endowed and nawt.

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