Early Eidiya — Your Personal Invite To Red Carpet Flawless Skin

Skincare prescription by a dermatologisy Dr. Shazia Ali
You have been a Good girl, fasting, praying and practicing our “Ramadan Healthy Body, Healthy Soul” philosophy, hence you deserve a special Eid gift — A fail proof prescription for perfect and unmarred skin customized especially for your individual skin type  — this means; not a generic one size fits all prescription, but a tailor made prescription designed especially for your skin.

First Things First, We Need To Find Out What Is Your Precise Skin Type Mentally prepare your self to embark on a fact-finding journey with me to unveil your particular skin type & lets get cracking.

Forget about the old way you used to look at your skin — Normal, Dry or Oily. According to the new research while classifying skin we not only look at the sebaceous gland activity (normal, dry and combination/oily skin) but also the melanocyte activity (pigmented skin) and immune reactions (sensitive skin).
Skin Types by Dr. Shazia Ali

Grab a good mirror and take an analytic look at your skin under good lightening.

Oily/Combination & Acne Prone Skin

  • If you see pores and black heads, especially around the center T-zone of your face — your skin type is combination/oily.
  • If you get back heads and pimples on and off — your skin type is acne prone combination/oily.
  • If your pores are enlarged all over the face and after washing your face within few hours you feel all over greasy sensation — you have oily skin.
  • To be very sure you can do a quick test yourself with a skin blotting paper — if within and hour or two of washing face the blotting paper shows grease your skin is oily.
Normal Skin
  • Pores are medium sized. 
  • On most days skin doesn’t feel dry or oily.
Congrats you won the genetic lottery at your conception, as your skin type is normal.

Dry Skin
  • Pores are almost invisible. 
  • Skin is constantly in need of moisture. 
  • After washing if moisturizer is not applied it feels tight and uncomfortable — you have dry skin
Sensitive Skin
  • All the above skin types can fall under the sensitive category too. 
  • Sensitive skin hallmark is redness, itching and skin irritation, which might be triggered by weather changes, skincare products or food.
Pigmented Skin
  • If you expose to sun you don’t tan evenly you get blotchy pigmentation; some areas produce too much color and some less. 
  • You have patches of uneven pigmentation on your skin triggered by sun, hormones or inflammation your skin type is pigmented.
Fitting In All The Pieces Of Puzzle Together: Now that you have read about all the skin traits mentioned above — tick mark as “Yes” the ones that apply to your skin. The ones you have check-marked as “Yes” define your exact skin type.
Skin Types with Dr. Shazia Ali , Normal dry oily

Congrats after this exercise you are one step closer to your ideal skin. Now that you know your exact skin type lets get you a skin prescription tailor made just for you.

Normal skin care prescription Dr. Shazia Ali

Normal Skin in early 20’s: Needs gentle cleansing, moisturization and sun protection on regular basis.

I recommend Aminogenesis Really Really Clean moisturizing facial cleanser, Cetaphil daily moisturizer with SPF 15 and if you are spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun Neutrogenia Light Touch SPF 55.
AminoGenesis Really Really clean, Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer, Neutrogena Ultrasheer sunblock

Normal Skin in late 20's, 30’s & 40's: Stay honest to your daily skincare regimen and add antioxidants and collagen boosters to prevent aging and keep skin as youthful as possible. Sunscreen as a must-have UV protective shield should be always used when out and about.

I recommend Dermaceutic C25 antioxidant concentrate during daytime and Activ Retinol 1.0 at night. 
Normal skincare in 30's and 40's Dr. Shazia Ali

Pigmented & Normal Skin: 
In addition to daily skincare regimen add skin lightening agents to your daily routine in order to prevent pigmentation patches and keep your complexion uniform and radiant.

I recommend Skin Tech Blending Bleaching cream twice daily in addition to proper cleansing, moisturization & sun protection.
Skincare for normal and pigmented skin, bleaching creams for skin
Oily skincare products and daily care

Oily Skin Teens & 20’s: 
Combination and oily skin needs special care otherwise open pores and acne can cause permanent damage in the form of pigmentation and scarring.

I recommend a face wash that cleanses thoroughly but does not make the skin overtly dry. Regular moisturization as oily skin does need hydration too, in fact adding hydration to skin relaxes the oil glands and sebum production. Using an oil-free sunblock when outdoors is imperative to prevent post inflammatory pigmentation associated with acne.
Oily skincare Dr. Shazia Ali

If you break out and get pimples on and off add acne treatment to your daily skincare. For mild to moderate acne I recommend Exfoliac Acnomega 100 cream and Epiduo cream on alternate nights. For severe acne see a dermatologist and ask about the prescription of Isotretinon Tablets. 

Oily Skin 30’s & 40’s: You suffer from pen pores and breakouts and adult acne still lingers on as your main skin concern. All these symptoms can be tackled with proper skincare regimen. To prevent aging add oil-free antioxidants and collagen boosters.

I recommend AminoGenesis Perfect Reflection 2-3 times daily, Pharmagel Beta C in the afternoon, Amninogenesis Perfect Reflection after every wash and at night Dermaceutic retinol 0.1 alternating with Exfoliac Acnomega 100 if you still get acne on and off. 
Skincare for oily and pigmented skin Dr. Shazia ali

Pigmented & Oily Skin: Add oil-free skin lightening agents along with your daily skincare

I recommend BDF Fade gel plus  twice daily.  
Skincare for oily skin with pigmentation

Sensitive & Oily Skin: Special oil-free skincare for sensitive skin is required to maintain optimal skin. Avene has great skin products for oily and sensitive skin.

I recommend AminoGenesis Really Really Clean Cleansing gel 2-3 times per day. After washing spray Avene Eau Thermale spray to soothe the skin and then apply Avene Cleanance Hydra as moisturizer. If acne is leaving pigmentation marks on face use Avene Sensitive White Serum to keep skin color uniform. When outdoors use Avene Sunscreen Emulsion  SPF 50 for sensitive skin. If you get acne on and off used Avene Cleanance Gel Crème Exfoliant to prevent breakouts.
Skincare for oily and senstive skin
Skincare for dry skin

Dry Skin in early 20’s: Special hydrating skincare should be adopted early on in life to prevent skin damage with age.

I recommend Avene Gentle milk Cleanser 1-2 times daily, QV moisturizing cream to replenish & hydrate dry skin and Sebamed SPR 50 Multi protect Sun lotion.
Skincare for dry skin dermatologist Dr. Shazia Ali
Dry Skin in 30’s & 40’s: In a addition to daily skincare regimen add antioxidants and collagen boosters with heavy moisture factor to daily routine to combat wrinkles and skin sagging.

I recommend Avene Gentle milk Cleanser 1-2 times daily and Sebamed SPR 50 Multi protect Sun lotion with addition of SkinCeuticals C + E Frulic acid serum (its packed with potent antioxidants), Dermaceutic Hyal Ceutic Intense moisturizer (with hyaluronic acid, Aloe vera, jajoba oil and vitamin E) and Dermaceutic’s Activ Retinol at night.
For additional hydration you can also use QV moisturizing cream on and off.
Skincare for dry and aging skin Dermatologist Dr. Shazia Ali
Pigmented & Dry Skin: Add moisture infusing skin lightening agents along with your daily skincare.

I recommend Avene Gentle milk Cleanser, Skin Tech Blending Bleaching cream twice daily. Aminogenesis Therapeutic Facial Repair anti-aging moisturizing cream and Heliocare advanced gel with SPR 50 for sun protection (it covers UVA and B).
Skincare for dry and pigmented skin

Sensitive & Dry Skin: Stay clear of irritant chemicals and use gentle products to take of skin on daily basis.

I recommend Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser for sensitive and dry skin, Avene TriXera emollient balm or Avene Cicalfate cream for dry irritated skin. As a Sunblock stick to Avene Very High Protection Emulsion with SPF 50. 
Skincare for dry and sensitive skin Dermatologist approved Dr. Shazia Ali

There you go, now you’re all set to radiate and shine, enjoy these skincare prescriptions and face life by putting your best skin forward.

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