Right Off The Shelf - Fat In A Syringe

AlloFill, Dr. Shazia Ali
Aesthetic medicine is basking in its golden era. Fusion of innovative materials and highly evolved perspectives on what truly constitutes a youthful look has set altogether new standards to deliver naturally beautiful results. Doctors are now injecting a host of compounds to lift, mold, and contour. Most aesthetic treatments last no more than an hour, and recovery times are equally swift. All this aesthetic razzle-dazzle is enough to make scalpels seem downright crude and “right off the shelf” has become the new norm to go.

To enhance facial contours and impart youth, fat injections have always been popular among people who are looking for natural volume replacement. A good number of people don’t want any artificial materials injected into their bodies. Reality Check - Among the lot who like the idea of natural augmentation there are always a niche of hypochondriacs who are not ready to commit to liposuction and re-injection routine. And then there are those walk-in patients with a desire to be treated with fat injections right now right here. They show a bucket full of disappointed when they are asked to run a battery of blood tests with a follow-up appointment set at a later date to perform liposuction and re-injection session. Not anymore!

The Dawn Of A New Era
On 23rd September 2016 at the annual gathering for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Biologica Technologies® launched Allofill™ the first ever injectable fat-like filler.

Scalpel Free Sculpting
Allofill is the first product of its kind - a ready to use, ‘off the shelf’, adipose-derived injectable filler that works with the body to provide an all-natural tissue scaffold with native growth factors.  Allofill retains the native extracellular matrix (ECM) components of allograft-derived fat tissue and over time is remodeled into a patient’s own soft tissue.

What is Allofill?
Allograft is made from donated human fat tissue that has been cleaned and sterilized very carefully. It can be used to fill soft-tissue defects as a noninvasive alternative to surgical fat grafting with your own tissue. In a typical fat grafting procedure fat is harvested from one part of your body and is injected into another part of your body or face. With Allofill harvesting your own fat isn’t necessary since Allofill is ready to use off the shelf and can be injected in one simple and easy treatment session.

How Allofill Works?
Fat loss usually happens through the natural aging process or from the surgical removal of tissue, and can affect the volume and shape of face and body. Facial fat loss can contribute to the appearance of sagging face, a typical hallmark of an aging. Allofill can be injected under the skin to immediately fill soft tissue defects caused by fat loss.

After injection Allofill works with your body over time and provides all-natural tissue scaffolding, which repopulates your own cells and blood vessels to cushion and support your skin. As your body goes through its natural healing process, Allofill is gradually remodeled into normal soft tissue by your body.

Comments From The Specialist
Allofill is going to be a unique addition in any aesthetic injectors’ bag of tools aimed at enhancing and contouring face as well as body. This off-the-shelf fat-derived filler promises the best of both worlds – 1) long-lasting results associated with fat grafting plus 2) the convenience of other ready-to-use injectables. All eyes are going to be focused on how its fairs in practical clinical use.

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