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Happy New Year ladies! A clear, smooth, and glowing complexion is always at the top of every woman’s beauty wish list. Modern day girls want to look beautiful naturally they don’t want to hide behind make up in everyday life be it at the gym, on the beach, at school or in the office. Having perfect skin lends you the edge to get ready in the morning quicker and your skin looks great with minimum effort. To impart you with the savvy of healthy, luminous and revitalized skin and make 2017 a memorable year vis-à-vis your skincare, Braun has launched its latest addition to the Face spa – the unique and new revitalizing pad attachment.

Its time you updated your daily skincare beauty routine and found out how to maintain flawless skin 24/7 all year round.

Say Hello To Your Very Own Sleek & Compact Beauty Wand – Braun FaceSpa
Braun Dr Shazia Ali

As you all know Braun’s FaceSpa is the world’s first 3-in-1 facial epilator and cleansing brush system. It comes complete with a set of beauty brushes to cleanse, and exfoliate plus a Beauty Sponge to apply skincare or makeup smoothly.
Braun Dr. Shazia Ali

What’s new in 2017? – Braun Face Spa has an additional and NEW Skin Vitalizing pad.

Now this powerful six-in-one beauty tool can offer you everything you need to remove unwanted hair, cleanse, exfoliate and vitalize your skin. The system works with specialized brushes, so you can exfoliate, get sensitive cleansing, or apply makeup like a professional. You can restore your skin’s flawless radiance anytime, anywhere, with this device.

How To Use Braun Face Spa For Best Effects?

Braun can help you master your beauty regime with these efficient range of beauty tools that fit seamlessly into one device and your life and help save you those valuable minutes!
Braun Dr. Shazia Ali

Always Start With A Clean Skin: Within the optional range of cleansing brushes you can choose Facial Cleansing Brush or Sensitive Skin Brush to deep cleanse your skin on daily basis. These brushes help cleanse the skin and remove impurities much more thoroughly compared to when washing with hands or a wash-cloth. The gently oscillating bristles of the cleansing brushes reach into hard to reach areas and pores to effectively removes dead skin, sebum or daily built up of impurities that make the complexion dull making your skin look lifeless and unhealthy.

Exfoliate And Radiate: Once the skin is clean and primed for exfoliation you can use the Exfoliation Brush attachment to remove dead skin and debris from skin to reveal a more fresh and radiant complexion. The trick with exfoliation is never to over do it. If you have oily skin use it once daily or alternate day. If you have normal to dry skin use it two to three times per week. And if you have sensitive skin, exfoliate once ever 7-15 days.

Smoother Skin In Three Days: With the new Skin Vitalizing pad you can get smoother and revitalized skin in as little as under a week. The pad comprises of easy to clean, non-absorbing silicon tips, that adapt to skin contours and stimulate skin with hundreds of micro-vibrations. This massaging action helps restore skin circulation and improves skin radiance and vitality.

Last But Not The Least Protect & Moisturize Your Skin: Braun Face Spa should be used in combination with your daily moisturizer, such as OlayRegenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream or any other skincare and anti-aging products you use on daily basis. In fact the Beauty Sponge applicator can help with better absorption and application of your daily skincare creams or serums.

Incorporating this four-step regimen into your evening skincare routine daily will help you to cleanse, exfoliate and stimulate your skin cells effectively like a skincare-pro revealing smooth, radiant and healthy skin.

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