Become The Queen Of Self Grooming — Dr. Shazia Decodes Braun Beauty Tools For The New Brides

Skincare and grooming for brides Dr. Shazia Ali
New year, new starts and now we also have the wedding season in the air. Ladies I know when it comes to getting married, you feel a lot of pressure to look prim, proper and positively radiant. This entails hair-free body as well as flawless healthy skin — with or without makeup. And when you do decide to glam up a little and put on some makeup you want to dazzle the world like a glamazon fit to rock the cover of any beauty magazine. Can you do all that without multiple visits to beauty saloons and skincare clinics? Off course you can! By incorporating Braun Beauty Portfolio in your daily life you can take charge of your skincare and grooming needs without breaking your bank plus save on pesky trips between beauty parlors and skin spas. How Braun can help you shine bright like a diamond? Lets find out.

Beauty Grooming Starts With Smooth & Hairless Face / Body:
You can’t look feminine and polished with hair sprouting out of your arms, legs and face. So first things first lets fix that. Braun believes in lavishing a modern-day girl with choices: for long term hair removal you can pick Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa or if you’re interested in permanent hair reduction you can choose Braun Silk-expert IPL.

Braun Silk Epil Skinspa
This is one beauty tool that you can rely on explicitly and constantly to deliver long-lasting salon-smooth hair-free skin. I believe today’s modern woman deserves professional hair removal results at home plus a gold standard of experience when she indulges in self-grooming using her beauty tools. The Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa gives you just that plus much more now. Innovation Alert Recently a NEW Deep Massage pad attachment has been added to the existing skin removal system that can help revitalize the skin. This massage pad adapts to the body’s contours and helps improve skin appearance by stimulating blood circulation. Better circulation in the skin means more oxygen and nutrients reaching the skin. Hence the skin looks more healthy and radiant. The dual combination of the massage applicators and exfoliation pads results in glowing skin and salon worthy results.

Braun Silk Expert IPL
If you are looking for permanent hair removal experience from the comfort of your home, then choose Braun Silk-expert. It literally gives you the best experience your money could ever buy. The Braun Silk-expert IPL is the only IPL device in the market that comes with SensoAdaptTM technology. This technology continuously reads your unique skin tone and adapts the light intensity accordingly, avoiding any chance of getting side effects like burns or hyper-pigmentation. To make at home IPL treatments even more accessible, Braun is adding the Silk-expert 3 to its IPL family, which will make IPL treatments even more affordable.

Braun Facespa
With this one beauty gadget and its multiple interchangeable applicators you can experience quality deep cleansing, exfoliation, revitalization as well as facial hair-removal in one go. By learning how to use Braun FaceSpa to your best advantage you can master smoother, and revitalized skin. Recently Braun has unveiled an exciting new upgrade to the skincare routine with the NEW FaceSpa. Featuring the same superior facial epilating and cleansing brush heads, the 3-in1 facial system now comes complete with a Skin Vitalizing pad that can deliver smoother and revitalized skin in as little as three treatments. The revitalizing pad features easy to clean, non-absorbing silicon tips, that smartly adapt to skin contours and stimulate skin with hundreds of micro-vibrations. With the optional range of brushes, this 3-in-1 facial system allows you to experience up to six different treatments in one device now.

The NEW & Improved Braun Beauty Routine For The New Brides
All new brides-to-be rejoice, as Barun has you covered when it comes to your beauty and grooming needs. Now you can remove unwanted hair as well as deep cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin with Braun all by yourself from the privacy of your own bedroom in three easy to follow steps.

Smoother Skin In Three Days
Braun Beauty Tools
Braun FaceSpa beauty set empowers you daily to cleanse and exfoliate like a professional. You can use normal or sensitive skin cleansing brushes according to your skin-type to thoroughly clean your skin. The soft bristles of the cleansing brush reach deep into the pores and crevasses of your skin delivering six times better cleansing than manual face washing.

Exfoliation brush can be used to removed dead skin and reveal a more fresh skin. If you have oily and normal skin you can use exfoliation applicators daily or every other day. If you have dry or sensitive skin indulge in exfoliation every 7-15 days.

With the new Skin Vitalizing pad, you can reveal clearer, smoother skin in under a week. Best time to add this massage step is while you’re doing your evening skincare routine. When used in combination with your daily moisturizer or anti-aging skincare serums skin vitalizing pad enhances the efficacy of your skincare products.

To finish off your beauty ritual the beauty sponge applicator can be used to apply your skincare serums and creams on daily basis. This applicator enhances the absorption of your daily skincare giving you more bang-for-your-buck. For a more professional makeup experience you can also use the beauty sponge applicator to apply your skin foundation, as it delivers natural looking results with no caking or tire-marks.

Massage Your Way To Firm And Toned Skin
The NEW Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa now comes with a Deep Massage pad attachment
If you’re new to epilation, use your Silk-épil 9 to remove unwanted hair once a week for the first month. After this, repeat once every 2-4 weeks. The NEW Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa now comes with a Deep Massage pad attachment that can be used once a week to boost circulation and reveal radiant skin. You can use it independently from the epilator head both, in or out of the shower. If you use it with a massage-oil you can enjoy a relaxing shower experience. After your shower you can also use it with a cellulite or skin firming cream to tighten and tone your skin.

Permanent Visible Hair Removal With IPL
Dr. Shazia Ali
Most ladies these days want permanent hair reduction, so they can enjoy freedom in life wearing whatever whenever without thinking “are my arms and legs hair-free?” After shaving, use your Braun Silk-expert IPL on a weekly basis for visibly permanent hair removal over time. Try using the Gentle mode on any sensitive areas such as underarms and the bikini line.

To compliment your Braun set of Beauty tools the only thing you need additionally is a confident dazzling smile and with that in place, now you are all set and ready to face life and your commitments with smooth, beautiful and glowing skin day-in and day-out.

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