Jeddah International Dermatology & Cosmetics Conference

The 7th international JeddaDerm conference just came to a successful conclusion last Thursday. Big names and great scientific minds from the local and international dermatological & aesthetic medical arena came together to make the meeting an astounding success.

We met up with the top Dermatologists and Patrons of the JeddaDerm initiative and got their feed back on the 2013 Dermatology/Cosmetology meeting and also got some skincare advice and pointers for our readers.

Message & Thoughts From The Patrons of JeddaDerm:
 Founding Fathers Of JeddaDerm: Left to right Dr. Sameer Zimmo, Dr. Ali A. Al-Raddadi, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Qari, and Dr. Magdi R. Abdulghani.

Dr. Ali A. Al-Raddadi: “We are very proud of our JeddaDerm initiative and we are constantly trying to improve the scientific program, ensuring attendance of internationally renowned speakers who are the masters in their field and can add value to the knowledge of our attendees. We are also constantly trying to improve the exhibition standards in terms of product and material representations. Our target is ultimately to be the best of the best.”
Dr. Ali Alraddadi also shared a social responsibility message; “One of key objectives of this conference is to constantly improve the quality and caliber of knowledge of our local dermatological society hence, providing top notch dermatological care to our people.”

Dr. Sameer Zimmo: “We are extremely proud of the fact that we have been able to give the dermatologists in Jeddah an international level platform to share scientific data. This year we have witnessed a large increase of attendees from Saudi Arabia. Around 55 workshops were successfully organized for practical teaching and demonstration purposes.”

Reflecting his thoughts on the growth of JeddaDerm from its inception, Dr. Zimmo expressed great pride and said, “It’s amazing to watch our baby grow and blossom. The organizing committee is always striving hard to update and improve the scientific content of the conference. We select the best speakers from all over the world. Just to quote some examples, we have had renowned and top notch dermatologists from UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Denmark, France, etc. participate and contribute in JeddaDerm during the last few years.”

Dr. Magdi R. Abdulghani: “The secret behind our steady success and growth is attention to micro-details. Organizing and managing a scientific conference is a mega mammoth project, we put a lot of hard work and diligent planning behind our scientific Endeavour -JeddaDerm. We are constantly trying to raise the bar, improving the scientific content, picking up the best speakers from around the world and providing our attendees an exclusive experience. Our key philosophy is to listen to and learn from all mistakes big or small and avoid them happening again. We encourage our speakers and great scientific minds to give us negative feedbacks so we can fix loopholes and come stronger and brighter next year – it’s a growing process. We are very proud that we have been successful in creating a niche platform in the whole of the Middle East. We are being recognized as on of the best scientific conferences in the region where great scientific minds can exchange ideas, learn, and grow to add value to our community.”

2013 JeddaDerm Highlight:

Talking about the highlight of this years meeting, most doctors found V lift by Dr. Kwon from Korea to be a truly novel and interesting procedure.

We will be doing a complete expose on this non-surgical, minimal down time face and body lift soon in one of our up coming blogs.

Pearls Of Skincare Wisdom

Dr. Ali A. Al-Raddadi: “When you are looking for skincare advice, make sure you pick your doctor very carefully. Do your homework search on line, and educate yourself before you do any treatments. Be very careful when you are thinking about using skin lightening and bleaching products. Stay clear of cortisone and hydroquinone based creams; which can leave you with serious side effects with long term use.”

Talking about the rise of complications reported to dermatology clinics Dr. Ali Alraddadi advises us, to make sure we pick safe products and safe treatment choices.  He stressed on self-education, “Ask safety questions to avoid unsafe creams and risky treatments”, is his sincere advice.

Dr. Sameer Zimmo: “Smoking and prolonged sun exposure are the main enemies of skin. Unfortunately we are seeing the rise of smoking among females in the Middle East region. My advice to all the ladies who want to look young and beautiful for years to come is simple: Avoid smoking, practice safe sun exposure and DON’T TAN!! - By practicing these healthy skin habits you will have beautiful skin forever”.

Dr. Magdi R. Abdulghani: “My sincere advice ladies is: don’t run after TV or media hypes and instead, educate yourself about your skin and aesthetic care. It is incumbent to know what you want before you decide on any aesthetic treatments. Choose your doctors and treatment options carefully -Be safe!!!”

Dr. Ayed Mordy Al-Qahtani: “Skin pigmentation is a big issue in our region. I would like everyone to practice safe sun habits. I have seen a lot of complications with use of lasers for treatment of pigmentation problems. Please avoid laser treatments for melasma or hyper-pigmentation disorders.”

Dr. Lillian Khan: “I see a lot of patients with acne prone skin in my practice. My advice to all people with oily and combination skin is: be very careful while choosing your skincare products. Always go for oil free products specially formulated for combination and oily skin. Pay attention while product shopping, read labels and consciously pick non-comedogenic products.”

(Yours truly) Dr. Shazia Ali: “Ladies I give you a three step skincare plan: 
Prevent, Protect, & Nourish.
Prevent: To be able to properly take care of your skin and to prevent product related problems it's important to know what is your skin type. Educate yourself about what’s out there and choose safe products suitable for your skin type. 
Protect: Adapt healthy lifestyle, diet and habits. Protect yourself from the sun!!! Use broad-spectrum UVA & B sunscreen.
Nourish: To look bright and fresh skin needs moisture; pick a moisturizer suitable for your skin-type and use it after every time you wash or bathe. Nourish your skin with tried and tested antioxidants: Vitamin A, C, E, Q10, and peptides.

For more information on JeddaDerm please visit: http://www.jeddaderm.com/

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