The Ultimate Youth Quest – Stem Cell Antiaging Treatment

The word “Antiaging” has become pretty much an every day mention in our fast pace dynamic lives, but still a lot of people don’t fully understand - What does Antiaging mean? The theoretical answer is much simpler than a practical solution, simply put ‘Antiaging’ means retarding the degeneration processes of the body and preserving youth.

The next question that comes to mind is - How? Science and technology decorous answer is multiple ways. Especially nowadays, as so much research is focused on the subject of prolonging life, preserving youth, and improving quality of life we are witnessing new discoveries ever so frequently. One procedure that has gotten aesthetic circles buzzing with excitement and is being tooted as, The Natural Intervention is – Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Enriched Therapy. In layman’s lingo it is a fancy name for using your own abdominal fat derived stem cells to delay signs and symptoms of aging.

Deciphering The Procedure - Separate, Enrich, Activate, & Return

Research has shown us that there are millions of "dormant" or inactive stem cells located in our abdominal fat. The basic principal behind this therapy is to get them out, wake them up and return them to the body where they will get back to work, repairing and energizing body tissues.

The procedure begins by harvesting abdominal stem cell enriched fat cells and sending them over to special lab where stem cells are separated and activated. Once the procedure is completed the Enriched Activated Stem Cells are returned to the patient via intravenous drip or localized injections.

Stem cells have the capacity to not only to divide and form more stem cells, but they can also differentiate into specialized cells to replenish or regenerate dying or damaged tissues. As we get older we have less active stem cells, thus the onset of the degeneration process. The heart of antiaging therapies lies in how we balance this out.

The Results - Younger, Healthier, & Energized New-You

Soon after an Anti-Aging Fat Stem Cell Treatment people reportedly notice a surge in energy, skin gets softer, sleeping and breathing patterns get much better, sex drive increases, age spots start fading even completely disappear in some instances. This is all because your body has just received 30-50 million super-charged active stem cells.

Lab works done during the research has shown that this process does indeed work in reducing the primary markers for aging. Hormones are re-balanced, sugar levels are controlled, metabolism is increased and some people have reported surprisingly an average 4-7 kg weight loss. Other reported effects include hair color darkening and volume increasing. There is also a better control of blood pressure and improved vision. All this is achieved within a few weeks after the treatment.

Some Valid Question About Anti-Aging Fat Stem Cell Therapy

How Do Activated Stem Cells Work?
A stem cell's job is to heal what is damaged. Injury secretes chemical signals called Chemokines the stem cells hone in on these chemokines. When they arrive they alert regenerative cells to start work hence, repairing the damage, or growing tissue.
Where Do Activated Stem Cells Go When They Enter The Blood Stream?
Studies have shown us exactly what organs receive what percentage of stem cells as shown in the diagram below. As you can see the Lungs receive by far the greatest amount of activated stem cells. The Lungs are constantly exposed to the  and the Pulmonary track perhaps one of the most important. They are also easy to damage and now with Stem Cell Therapy easy to repair.
Does This Procedure Really Work?
Yes small case reports have shown us that it does work. There are several bio-markers used to determine the aging process. After treatment studies have shown good corrections in all the bio-markers.

How Long Is The Treatment Good For?
Experts say 5 years of high active stem cell counts. Then declining numbers for about 3-4 years time. By making small lifestyle changes, you can keep a high percentage of active stem cells for almost 10 years.

All this sounds too good to be true, but small group of studies have shown us there is some truth behind the theory. Unfortunately, there are no double blind evidence based studies available currently to make this antiaging treatment legit and main stream.

Now the multi million dollar question is having all current facts at hand and given a choice would you go for it Or wait for the health regulating institutions to get behind the treatment before you’d let some one play “Separate, Enrich, Activate, & Return with your stem cells?

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