Allergic To Hair Dye? – White Strand Color Plan

Could your hair dye kill you? Potentially, Yes is the frightfully alarming answer, proven grievously with few hair dye enthusiast deaths in the past. The most notorious chemical, reported to be responsible for causing allergic reactions in case of hair dyes is PPD, which stands for paraphenylenediamine, a color-enriching ingredient used in some at-home and salon permanent dyes. Millions of people can tolerate PPD just fine. But, there is a small percentage of people who can become allergic to it. The darker the dye color, from brown to black, the more likely it contains PPD. Mild to moderate reactions, such as irritation, swelling and redness, can progressively worsen with repeated exposures, to the point of anaphylaxis and death. Though in most cases any reactions at all is extremely rare.

Organic Misconceptions:

Safety conscious hair dye buyers assume that "natural", "organic" and "eco" hair dyes are PPD-free, but this is rarely the case. Currently there is no hair color in the market that covers all grey without PPD or PTD (henna, though PPD free, can't achieve the same effect). There is a glimmer of safe coloring hope courtesy of companies such as OCS, who make ammonia-free hair dyes, which require lower levels of PPD to make them work (an average of around 0.4% rather than the more common 2%), but some PPD remains, nonetheless.

100 Percent Safe Color Solution:

Age gracefully - Rock silver strands till the whole mane turns signature Carmen Dell'Orefice cloud of gleaming silver and white -Now that'd definitely be a statement crown. 

For some living au natural might work but, for some it maybe unacceptable and completely unappealing remedy. I for one believe in options and choices, hence I probed further to find a midway elucidation, which I offer you as relatively safe color blueprint.

The Midway Coloring Solution:

If you're not completely gray, try highlights and lowlights; the color is painted on gray strands (to camouflage them), so the dye doesn't sit on your scalp during the coloring process. Or you could, instead, apply demipermanent color to your gray ten minutes before you apply it to the rest of your hair. The extra time will allow the gray to pick up more pigment. Using an ammonia-free product that contains antioxidants will prevent your hair from being damaged from the added exposure to the dye. 

Try Clairol's Natural Instincts, a demipermanent formula that reportedly lasts through 28 shampoos.

NATUR VITAL Coloursafe is a PPD-free permanent home hair colorant that was launched in UK five years back. It contains 2.5-diamine sulfate a lesser irritant than PPD.

Red & Itchy Skin Emergency Tx:
  • Pop an antihistamine pill (Aerius). 
  • Apply a hydrocortisone based scalp lotion (Locoid scalp lotion) twice daily for 4-5 days and taper off. 
  • If the reaction is severe consult your doctor immediately.

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