Get To Know Jergens A Little Better

Last month I had the chance to meet up and gage in edifying conversation with the Jergens skincare experts, as we all came together to celebrate the launch of Jergens all-new skincare creams in the Middle East. We discussed the brand intelligence and philosophies and the local virtuoso’s were kind enough to put me in touch with the Jergens Research & Development team via email to dig deeper and get to know the brand more intimately, and here my lovelies is what I found out….

Dr. Shazia Ali

What is Jergens skincare philosophy?

At Jergens we believe – “beautiful” begins with skin. Since 1901, Jergens® moisturizers have been dedicated to help women of all ages have soft, smooth and sensuously beautiful skin. Every moisturizer and body cleanser in our collection is designed to enhance a variety of skin types and tones, and now they transform skin better than ever.

Dr. Shazia Ali

How do Jergens moisturizers differ from other moisturizers in the market?

Jergens moisturizers contain the following technologies that make them fairly unique in providing Visible Skin Enhancement to beauty driven consumers:
Ø  Humectants: Glycerin
o   Provides instant surface hydrations;
o   Pull moisture into the skin.

Ø  Emulsifiers
o   Enhanced emulsion stability and skin feel.

Ø  Occlusive emollients: (Petrolatum, Mineral Oil)
o   Lock in moisture; prevent moisture loss.

Ø  Emollients (Silicones, butters, etc)
o   Skin feel modification,
o   Restoration of a luster & healthy appearance.

Ø  Oil in Water emulsions
o   Fast-breaking action to immediately rehydrate and deposit emollients directly to the skin.


What is Jergens stance on organic and toxin free skincare?

“At Kao USA, Inc., we are committed to only using ingredients with well-established safety profiles and we closely evaluate all products before they go on the market. Jergens products are used by millions of people globally and do not use any ingredients that would be considered toxins.

Our consumers can continue using and enjoying our products with confidence, knowing our products are safe and comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements.”

How does Middle Eastern women differ in their skincare habits compared from women elsewhere?

From what we learned from ME consumer they:
·         Enjoy outside activities; shopping, walking, and swimming

·         Always feel dryness even in hot season because of 24/7 air conditioning, so body care products are used throughout the year

·         Apply skin lotions typically at least twice per day and on additional occasions specially after washing for prayer (Wudu)

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