Holidays Special: Raising Curtain On Eyelash Drama

Long and curly eyelashes are considered a beauty gift bestowed by nature on to a few genetically lucky among the female species. 
When your lashes are distinctively lengthy and curled up your eyes appear larger and more eloquent... Don't they? ...In fact the rise of the artificial eyelash industry is a growing testament to that. High octane lashes are one Aphrodite feature most women crave, yet only an exiguous are blessed with. These are some of the reasons why long and luscious lashes are considered one of the seven desiderate beauty traits. Thanks to innovations of science and advances in cosmaceuticals now we can all attain this coveted glamor feature. A few weeks of application of AminoGenesis LashGenesis serum coupled with a good mascara and voila you can be an instant glam diva! AminoGenesis LashGenesis is a natural eyelash growth promoting serum with a unique amino acid formula that helps you grow naturally long lashes in as little as 3-4 weeks. For added drama - using an eyelash curler can further enhance the curl, adding more drama to the lash line.

Why Don’t My Lashes Grow Like Twiggy?

Hair grows and rests in cycles. The active phase is very short for eyelashes, about 30 to 45 days, compared to two to six years for scalp hair. This is why eyelashes stay short. The resting phase during which the hair follicle is dormant lasts about 100 days for scalp hair, but is much longer for eyelashes, eyebrows and other body hair. If the quality of the hair is weak, lashes break down and look shorter in some people and in some they stay intact and long. Since lost hairs aren't immediately replaced, it may seem as if they aren't growing at all.

How does LashGenesis Work?

Your eyelashes are grown by the tiny hair follicles on your eyelids. Eyelashes are made mostly of various protein (like keratin) and water. These proteins are made of tiny building blocks known as amino acids. LashGenesis uses the exact and optimal combination of these natural building blocks to stimulate your lashes to grow thicker, longer and stronger. Just like adding nutrients or fertilizer to your plants at home, LashGenesis uses natural eyelash "fertilizers" to achieve dramatic results.

Are there any side effects? 

No! Many prescription and over the counter eye lash products use strong, "drug like" ingredients that in some cases cause discoloration (known as tattooing) to the eye lid or the whites of the eyes. LashGenesis is made up of safe proteins called amnio acids , these gentle ingredients are the same nutrients your eyelashes are made of. LashGenesis simply supplies more of them spurring amazing lash growth! Please Note: any product that is used around the eyes can easily get directly into the eyes. Try to avoid this, and if any irritation does occur when using LashGenesis, discontinue and consult your physician.

How soon will You see results?

One of the most amazing aspects about LashGenesis is how quickly it works. In clinical studies performed in a physicians office, photographic evidence showed remarkable increase in eyelash length, thickness and density in as little as 14 days. However, the most dramatic results occur when LashGenesis is used twice daily on an ongoing regular basis.

While it is ok to apply make-up or eyeliner after LashGenesis has completely absorbed, the company does not recommend using other eyelash growth products in conjunction with LashGenesis. Other products may interfere with the effectiveness of LashGenesis or cause undesirable results or irritation.

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