New Year Alms – Beauty Habits

You're about to start a new year, and you're on that mindset of starting new chapters in your life. Why not start by thinking of all the ways you can be good to yourself? One sure way is to weed out those lifestyle habits, foods and beauty products that don’t suit your body and skin and replace them with what’s good for you. Your skin will react and thank you by being brighter, clearer and even more gorgeous than it's ever been before. 

The Ultimate Gift Of Protection- Pour On The SPF 

Winter or summer doesn’t make a difference, when out doors, layer on enough sunscreen; it’s the best way to keep skin youthful. A lot of people are confused about the dosage of the sun protection, let be sure how much to apply in 2014. Fill the hollow of your palm (about ½ teaspoon) with a broad-spectrum UVA & B sunscreen with SPF 50 to coat your face, neck and ears. Apply two coats to finish what you've squeezed out; that's how you make sure you are adequately covered.

Spray Away Dryness

To keep skin moist and supple, spray your cutis several times daily with thermal spring water (I love and recommend Avène Thermal Spring Water). Spritz your face when travelling, on the go, or when stuck in traffic! The water is packed with minerals like selenium that protect against UV damage and soothe your skin.

Exfoliate Regularly

Don't give the surface layer of dead skin cells a chance to build up and create that dull look. Reveal new, fresh skin cells for a more luminescent complexion by scrubbing regularly. No matter what your skin type, you can benefit from exfoliating, but you must be sure to use the right kind. If you have sebaceous skin, you are much more tolerant to exfoliation than someone with rosacea-prone skin. Acne-prone? You, in particular, can benefit from regular exfoliating as it will open up pores as well as help in getting rid of old acne marks.

Don’t Fall For Fads

There are a lot of trendy products out there right now, like goji berry, caviar, gold and snail body secretions packaged in creams. They’re sexy, but not clinically proven. Your focus shouldn’t be on what’s new, but on what works. Don’t jump on things until they’ve been proven. So before you rush out to spend your hard-earned dough on the latest products, do a little research and make sure that the “magic ingredient” will really benefit your skin.

Develop A Bedside Manner

Most people often find it difficult to stick to the anti-aging regimen at bed-time. To avoid missing your evening routine, store your products in a pretty makeup case and keep them on your nightstand. So if you forgot — or are just too tired to apply products at the sink — you can do it easily while in bed.
Suggested Must-Haves:
·      A prescription retinoid cream to fight wrinkles and keep skin youthful.
·      An ultra hydrating prescription moisturizer for that supple soft skin.
·      Lip balm to keep lips plush and moist plump.
·      Foot and cracked heel renewal cream with salicylic acid, as dry tootsies are not attractive by any standard.
·      Vitamin E oil to soften cuticles.
·      Teeth Whitening Strips for that bright smile.

Find A Dermatologist

If you’re looking for an expert opinion on your specific skincare needs, or have nagging skin issues that need to be addressed, it may help to seek out a dermatologist. With so many skin care experts out there, it can be difficult to know which doctor is right for you. Find someone who’s a great teacher and is invested in educating people about their skin.

You Really ARE What You Eat And What You Absorb

Of course, the MAIN secret to glowing, radiant skin is proper nutrition to 'fuel' your body.  What goes in your body reflects on the outer shell of your body.  Eat lots of fats, such as avocados, coconut oil, hemp oil and hemp seeds.  Also indulge in lots of dark RAW cacao powder incorporating it into you smoothies and sweet treats, I’d even suggest having a dark chocolate bar each day.  Dark chocolate is so yummy and actually good for your skin.  Make it organic and as dark as you can!  Yes, RAW dark cacao NOT (cocoa) is high in anti-oxidants and nutrients.  So EAT it and WEAR it!  

Take care when choosing that right supplements and be cautious with your food choices.  Avoid chemical laden and processed foods as well as all the artificial crap the industrial machine is trying to push down our throats. Make it REAL and WHOLE food and Organic supplements. Eat plenty of greens each day such as kale, broccoli, spinach, spirulina, barley, wheat grass, etc.  Do NOT eat GMO's, avoid MSG's and eat as clean as possibly you can.  If you must go out to eat, find an organic restaurant or find a trusted sushi restaurant.  

Eat A Skin-Saving Breakfast

Make the first meal of the day contribute towards your skin. Almonds are a great choice; they contain essential fatty acids, which help put the brakes on inflammation that accelerates fine lines, sagging and blotchiness. Not feeling like a nut? Salmon, tuna and halibut are good choices.
NOURISH your body and skin from WITH IN!

Sweat That Body

Make sure you get plenty of daily exercise, and enough exercise to 'sweat' out the toxins that clog your pores. Yoga, Pilates and a simple cardio routine at least 3 times per week will be sufficient. Develop healthy pass times biking, surfing, dancing etc. get that blood pumping through your body and skin to achieve a healthy glow. 

Sleep Enough To Nurture Your Beauty

You have always heard, "get your beauty rest".  This is so very true... you  can sleep your way to beauty.  Sleep plays an important role in activating our cells to work properly.  It is only during hours of deep sleep that our bodies are reset to run smoothly the next day.  Our cells can only properly repair them selves during our sleeping life.  Get your zzzz's, at least 8 hours of sleep each and every night.  You may also want to set one night a week to count your 'blessings' early. Try going to bed at least by 8:30 one time per week every week and waking at your normal time, 6 or 7 a.m.  

Zen Your Skin

High levels of tension can spike hormone production that leads to breakouts or aggravate conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Controlling stress keeps your skin calm — but that's easier said than done. Taking a 10-minute time-out to apply a facial mask and relax on your bed can works for some. Another trick: Ban the 'Berry’ and ‘iphone’. Turn off your cell phone after 8 at night. Every little bit helps!

Again, there is NO magic wand to wave to throw beauty your way.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, you just need to nurture your inner beauty to let it radiate on the outside!

Have A Happy New Year!!!!

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