Six Steps To A Bootylicious Behind

how to get perfect bum
A round perky derrière can make any ordinary dress look couture and transcend a regular pair of skinny jeans to object of envy. “Brazillian Butt” a beauty benchmark celebrating the country’s gravity-defying bundas showcased in teeny bikinis is on every girls must-have beauty wish-list. If you think this supernatural phenomenon is all coz of lucky genes you’re very wrong. These curves are the direct byproduct of the country’s sun-and-sport culture, which emphasizes on regular workouts and diligent skincare.

Here’s a foolproof blueprint for a bootylicious behind even if you don’t carry the Brazilian genes.

1) First & Foremost - Exercise
If your bottom is too flabby then its time to officially shake that booty. Start exercise on regular basis to tone up the muscles and optimize the shape of your bum. Walking gets great results, providing it is done on a daily basis.
Here is a simple tried and tested exercise protocol that can enhance your butt shape if practiced regularly. 

2) Let’s Get You All Smooth Bummed - Off With The Orange-peel
Cellulite makes skin look uneven. Effects of aging, hormones and unhealthy lifestyle make the collagen bundles that connect your skin to the underlying fat become weak. Fat starts to protrude in some areas leading to a dimpled orange peel appearance. Unfortunately exercise can’t solve this problem entirely. To smoothen and strengthen the skin and get rid of orange-peel effect without affecting the buttocks’ shape doctors usually combine Carboxy Therapy treatments with Multipolar Radiofrequency treatements. By increasing oxygen flow to the cells, carboxy therapy galvanizes cell exchange and encourages the elimination of fat pads peeping through the damage collagen fibers. Radiofrequency enhances the skin’s surface by making the collagen bundles stronger and plumping the dermis. It usually requires 5 to 6 sessions performed once a week to see good results.

3) Stretch Marks
These white stripes represent scars in your skin. While undergoing growth spurt during puberty or with weight gain your skin gets stretched to accommodate for size change. If your skin doesn’t have enough elasticity, collagen and elastin bundles break and the crack is filled with white scar tissue. A combination of Carboxy Therapy along with Micro-needling and Fractional CO2 Laser treatments can work wonders in erasing the stretch marks. The idea is to replace old damaged skin with new healthy skin which is plump with collagen and elastin. By boosting oxygen flow to the cells, carboxy therapy encourages cell regeneration. Micro-needling, which involves injecting the skin using different sized micro-needles, stimulates fibroblast induction. Fractional CO2 laser physically removes the scar tissue with micro beams and replaces it with fresh healthy skin.

4) Plump Up For A Shape Change
Fat injection for Buttocks
To improve the shape of buttocks, we can use injections of Fat taken from your own body or synthetic injections like Macrolane ® which are composed of highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid. These two are the most effective methods to add volume and create a rounder shape for the buttocks. Fat is natural filler and can be harvested from patients own body especially from lower back and thigh areas to create a tiny waist and slim thighs that contrast with a rounder bum in a more flattering way. One session plus a touch up 4-6 weeks after the first session gives long-term results that last 3-5 years. When opting for Macrolane ® injections you have to keep in mind that usually a large quantity of product is required to create an attractive shape (the cost can be quite high). After the injection session patients must avoid sitting or sleeping on their back for 7-14 days, so as not to displace the injected product. Top-up sessions are required every 18 to 24 months. Procedure is considered uncomfortable even painful in some cases depending on your pain threshold.

5) Lift That Butt Up
Radiofrequency devices can help to lift and tighten the skin around the buttock area. They also help to slim down and create better contour for your behind. To achieve good results 5-10 sessions are needed which should be scheduled 7-15 days apart.

Tensor threads and tissue inducers can also be used to lift the buttocks (that are not very bulky), but the success rate is questionable in most cases. Using special vectors specialized Prolene 2.0 threads can be injected by a specialist under local anesthetic. You get 10-15% results immediately but the final results become apparent in 3 to 6 months. These threads are 100% biodegradable and within year or two they are fully reabsorbed hence they need top up every 1-2 year.

6) Tone Up And Slim Down
If your buttock area is too large, there is nothing better than HIFU or focused ultrasounds to reshape it. Focused ultrasound beams destroy excess fat while improving the skin tone. Usually three sessions are required, with a month in between. Cryolipolysis, meanwhile, is great for the fat that lurks in the fold under your buttock. It works by freezing and thus destroying the fat cells. Cryolipo cannot be used on the whole bum, as it works best on small, well-defined areas.

This six-step approach to fix the skin, subcutaneous tissue, fat and muscles delivers best looking and shapely bums that anyone can ever wish for. First step towards a perfect behind is awaiting you – Get Moving!

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