The Natural Face Lift

Recently a beauty news channel interviewed me, here’s my detailed talk for your review.

Hi I am Dr. Shazia Ali. I am an aesthetic dermatologist practicing for the last 12 years at Al Tababah Specialized Clinic in Jeddah. I have been lucky enough to be trained at the prestigious University of Wales & College of Medicine in UK for the core as well as aesthetic dermatological sciences. I am extremely pleased to be here with you all today we will be talking about — aging, youth and beauty plus how to preserve it all. I’d love to share with you my personal concept of Natural Facelift — a proverbial sip from the fountain of eternal youth if you may, with focus on keeping things real and naturally youthful, as I am not a big fan of artificial.

When I moved to Jeddah from UK back in 2004, I was pleasantly surprised to see how up-to-date the ladies here were when it came to keeping up with the international trends in beauty as well as aesthetics. And over the span of last decade or so I have noticed that now even men are becoming very conscious about appearance and they like taking care of themselves — which is great. Multiple psychological studies done across the globe have shown us that, looking good & feeling good about yourself gives you a confidence boost to live a fuller, happier & more productive life. This proves aesthetic medicine should be an integral part of our lives.

Talking about local beauty standards and ideals Every Culture & Region Has Its Own Unique Beauty Standards
Initially when I moved to Saudi I had to struggle a lot to convince my clientele to buy the natural and just refreshed concept of beauty compared to what was popular — exaggerated and over the top. I have been doing my best educating and communicating with the local populace not just in my clinic but also through social media and blogging gently reminding people to accept natural as the norm and convince them go for treatments that enhance their individual natural beauty instead of trying to copy paste famous celebrity features and end up looking like aliens trend.

Seems my hard work along with global aesthetic natural trend shift has paid off and — Now a lot of people are asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS — How should we approach aesthetics? What can we do to preserve our youth and look good for decades to come without looking artificial and stretched & stuffed? — Answer is simple, start early to preserve and maintain your youth.

To move forward in the right direction vis-a-vis the anti-aging treatment plan I always ask my patients/clients — What is the image of beauty and youth in your mind?

And one concept that everyone agrees upon is: -Tight luminous, flawless skin with a uniform complexion (almost Child-like), Features wise - high cheek-bones, defined jaw line, well proportioned facial contours, arched brows and a toned silhouette. 
Second important concept is complete head-to-toe beauty — your body should match your face in beauty as well as age.     
Now that we have established what we want to achieve — we can make a logical treatment plan — target the right areas that need work and voila you can deliver youth and beauty.

To get tight luminous, flawless skin with a uniform complexion treatments with energy based devices and peels have come a long way.

To get flattering contours and replenish the lost volume fat or HA based injectable implants deliver miraculous results.

Upper face hyper dynamic muscles causing frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crows feet can be treated beautifully with neurotoxins.

Fact of life is nothing stays the same — over time things deteriorate and people who are interested in looking good need to understand and know —why do we age? And that maintenance is important

Looking at the aging process Aging skin with sagging and wrinkles basically result from a combination of many factors including cellular changes, collagen depletion, bone and fat loss. All this happens over time as a result of hormone changes, damage caused by free radicals, or consistent muscle activity. Modern life style & stress accelerates this process even more making us look much older than what we chronological should. You might be a vision of beauty in your teens & twenties but eventually your Lifestyle, eating habits and genetics along with how well you take care of your skin determines how you look in your thirties & onwards.

A holistic approach from inside out along with your aesthetic doctor’s help can preserve youth in a much more efficient manner rather than relying on fixing just one cause of aging.

Talking about the concept of The Natural Facelift
golden proportionsof beauty
As far as aesthetics are concerned we are living in real exciting times, now modern medicine can give everyone a chance to look as good as they feel. The traditional surgical facelift has been replaced with something better and natural — I call it , The Natural Facelift! A combination of non-surgical minimally invasive facial contouring and tightening techniques that can transform any aging face into a more refreshed, youthful version of themselves — it’s almost like time travel. Gone are the days when you would walk out of an aesthetic practice looking surprised, over stretched, unnatural and ridiculous. The celebrity faces we saw few years back on TV that looked like over stuffed pillows are no longer a desired or acceptable option. Over the top artificial work has been replaced with results that restore youthful but natural fullness of a well-contoured face and smooth textured skin, wrinkles should not be replaced by surprised over arched brows on the contrary they should be ironed out gently while respecting the facial harmony.

Aging, slows down the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. Facial volume is lost because of fat and bone loss with aging process and together these changes result in hollowing of mid-face, sagging features and skin creasing. Pigment changes lead to age spots and the surface texture becomes rough. 

The term Liquid Facelift was coined few years back to improve multiple areas of the face, including the eye, nose, chin, cheeks, temples, brows, mouth, forehead and the neck with the use of advanced dermal fillers, usually in combination with BOTOX®. In right artistic hands results look natural, youthful & beautiful.

I believe to further improve upon this concept of restoring golden proportions and facial contours, we also need to engineer skin surface and structural changes so we can recreate a complete and holistic youthful appearance. A well-contoured face with older looking thin lack luster skin can never look youthful. Adding skin tightening and hydration techniques along with facial contour restoration with injectable implants makes results even more superior and attractive.

My multi-prong approach to impart youth and beauty includes:
·      Treating skin with RF, Ultrasound, laser technologies to boost collagen and tighten and lift.
·      To create uniform complexion laser & chemical peels come in handy
·      To work on volume loss and improve facial contours fillers or fat give great results. Breakthroughs in aesthetic products such as Boletero, and Radiesse®, are providing longer lasting and more natural-looking results.
·      Finally treat hyper dynamic muscles with neurotoxin to further smooth out the lines etched by time.

Natural Face Lift

Working synergistically each treatment compliments the other giving natural and qualitative results rather than one treatment delivering artificial results.

Another thing I’d like to highlight here is ALL fillers and Energy based Technologies are not created equal
Boletero, Juvederm and Teoaxne RH Ranges are the latest fourth generation of fillers, which are far superior to other dermal fillers available in the market. They give beautiful natural results without causing any long-term side effects associated with older generation of fillers. Studies have shown that some of the newer generation hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxy apetite (Radiesse) based dermal Fillers not only replace lost volume in the face, but they also help your body to regenerate on its own making new collagen.  They can be used to contour and/or lift any number of facial features without feeling lumpy or inelastic.

When looking at energy based devices for skin tightening & lifting as well as skin smoothing, we have had a great success with Scarlet which is a radioFrequency based device, as well as focused ultrasound and Fraxel as well as fractional CO2 lasers.

When it comes to treating muscle movement related wrinkles — In the right hands BOTOX® has proven to be a magical injectable. Since its discovery it has been consistently delivering beautiful results. Most patients experience noticeable improvement within 3-14 days of their treatment, the leading. It is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic medical procedure with no down time required. With botox you can achieve great things like
·      Reduces Crow's Feet
·      Reduces Frown Lines
·      Reduces Wrinkles
·      Lifts Facial Features
·      Contours the Face

Catch 22 is it requires —Maintenance: Every 3 to 5 months.

Together the judicious and artistic use of injectable dermal fillers, neurotoxins and energy based devices can lift, plump, contour and rejuvenate skin and face, taking any visage from looking tired, drawn and ordinary to radiant, refreshed and beautiful.

To sum it up — The Natural Liquid Face Lift can accomplish any of the following:
·      Improved smile, fuller sexier lips
·      More rested and energetic Look
·      Natural curved and youthful facial contour restoration
·      Reduced facial lines
·      Reduced facial folds
·      Reduced wrinkles
·      Reduced creases
·      Gentle facial lift (individual facial features or facial overall lift)
·      Profiloplasty (improving your side look by balancing forehead, nose and chin contours)
·      Skin hydration, radiance and shine

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